In Your Organization

This series of five tutorials shows you how to configure your organization's home page, gallery, and basemaps. You'll also learn how to manage your users and keep track of how the organization is being used.

Before you begin

For these tutorials, you need the following software and privileges:

  • Membership in an ArcGIS Online organization (full or trial subscription)
  • Administrator rights within your ArcGIS Online organization

About getting started using ArcGIS in your organization

The first tutorial assumes that you have already activated your subscription and completed the page that looks like this:

Organization setup page

If you don't have an ArcGIS Online organization subscription, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial . You will have administrator rights by default. If you have a subscription, but haven't activated it, refer to Activating a subscription for guidance.

These tutorials are based on a fictional organization called the Peninsula Land Trust which acquires and maintains open spaces near the peninsulas and shorelines of Lake Erie, one of the five freshwater Great Lakes of North America. Your organization will be different, so you should treat these steps as examples and alter them to suit your needs.

Map of the Great Lakes with Lake Erie highlighted

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