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Returns a list of the available styles for generating directions from a route created during network analysis. Each directions style is appropriate for a different application.


This function can be used in a custom script tool validation to populate a ValueList of available directions styles for the user to choose from.


ListDirectionsStyleNames (network_dataset_path)
ParameterExplanationData Type

A variable that references the catalog path of the network dataset. The catalog path of a network dataset can be obtained from the dataSource property of a network dataset layer or a network analysis layer object. It can also be obtained from the catalogPath property of a network dataset describe object.

The parameter also accepts a network dataset layer object.

Return Value
Data TypeExplanation

The list of available directions styles containing strings representing the styles installed on your machine. It is a subset of the following styles:

  • NA DesktopThis style generates turn-by-turn directions suitable for printing.
  • NA NavigationThis style generates turn-by-turn directions designed for an in-vehicle navigation device.
  • NA CampusThis style generates turn-by-turn directions suitable for indoor and outdoor pedestrian routing.

Code sample

ListDirectionsStyleNames example

Reads a network dataset and lists its supported styles.

# Path to an on-disk network dataset
nds = r'C:Data/SanDiego.gdb/Transportation/Streets_ND'

# Create a list of directions styles available in the network dataset
dir_styles =

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