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Tips and shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts, rearrange your workspace, and create templates to streamline your work in ArcGIS Pro.

Keyboard shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts can be used in ArcGIS Pro:

  • Press Alt to display KeyTips for the core tabs on the ribbon and use your keyboard to activate a button. KeyTips are small keyboard tips that appear as an overlay on the ribbon and indicate a key to press to access program functionality.
  • Press Tab to cycle keyboard focus through interface elements. Use the arrow keys to move up and down through lists, and press Enter to commit an action.
  • Press Ctrl+Tab to switch the active view.
  • Hold down Ctrl+Tab to open a list with a visual preview of all the view and pane windows that are currently open. Use the arrow keys to set keyboard focus on a particular view or pane.

The following additional shortcuts are available for specific tasks in ArcGIS Pro:

You can also create custom keyboard accelerators for any command that appears on the ribbon. With keyboard accelerators, you can execute a command anytime by pressing a specific combination of keys. Learn more about creating custom keyboard accelerators.

Time saving tips

The following time saving tips can be used in ArcGIS Pro:

  • Add items like frequently-used folder, database, and server connections to your project favorites.
  • Build project templates to reuse your data connections across multiple projects.
  • Find quick help in the ScreenTips that appear when you hover over buttons on the ribbon or certain panes, such as Geoprocessing or Raster Functions. In many ScreenTips, you can press F1 to open the full help system.
  • Arrange or hide the panes and views in ArcGIS Pro to free up screen space. Dock the view windows side by side so you can see multiple views at the same time.
  • Set bookmarks to return to a certain location or point in time when working with temporal data.
  • Right-click the tools you use most often in the Geoprocessing pane to add to them to the gallery on the Analysis tab for quick access.
  • Use templates to create new features. Point, line, and polygon are feature templates that exist for you, and you can configure them to suit your work.
  • Use snapping to position new vertices and segments and move features accurately while editing, and use guides for working with layouts.

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