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Use extensions

ArcGIS Pro extensions are downloaded and installed with the core application. Access to extensions is controlled through licensing. When you have an extension license, the tools and functionality for that extension are automatically available.

Download and install extensions

Most ArcGIS Pro extensions are downloaded and installed with the core application. Your ability to use extension tools and functionality is controlled through licensing.

The Data Interoperability and StreetMap Premium extensions are downloaded and installed separately from the core application. These extensions are available from My Esri.

The Utility Network extension requires an ArcGIS Enterprise deployment.

Access extension tools and functionality

When you have a license for an ArcGIS Pro extension, the tools and functionality for the ArcGIS Pro extension can be used immediately. New buttons, tabs, and panes may appear on the user interface, and geoprocessing tools that require an extension license can be run.

Viewshed tool as it appears to an unlicensed user and a licensed user
On the left, the Viewshed tool displays a Tool is not licensed message because the user does not have the Spatial Analyst or 3D Analyst extension. On the right, the tool can be run because the user has one of these extensions.


If an extension is required to run a geoprocessing tool, such as Viewshed, this is indicated in the tool's help topic. The same information can also be found in the toolbox licensing help topics, such as Spatial Analyst toolbox licensing.

View extension licenses

You can see which extensions you are licensed to use on the ArcGIS Pro Licensing page.

  1. In an open ArcGIS Pro project, on the ribbon, click the Project tab. (Alternatively, from the ArcGIS Pro start page, click About ArcGIS Pro.)
  2. In the list of tabs on the left, click Licensing.

    On the Licensing page, under Esri Extensions, each extension is listed. A Yes or No value in the Licensed column indicates whether the extension is licensed.

    List of extensions on the ArcGIS Pro Licensing page
    In this example, the user has licenses for the Business Analyst and Image Analyst extensions.

Authorize extension licenses

The procedures for authorizing and managing ArcGIS Pro extension licenses are the same as for the core application. The specific steps depend on your ArcGIS Pro license type.


You can open ArcGIS Pro projects and project items (maps, scenes, layouts, and so on) whether or not you have any extensions. For example, you do not need the Spatial Analyst extension to open a map that contains layers created with Spatial Analyst tools. However, in the case of StreetMap Premium for ArcGIS, map layers that reference StreetMap Premium data will be disabled in the ArcGIS Pro Contents pane unless you have the correct regional StreetMap Premium extension.