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About ArcGIS Pro Help

The help for ArcGIS Pro is available through the Internet or can be installed locally. Online help opens in your default system browser, while offline help is viewed in a separate application. After you install the offline help, you can choose between these sources of help.

In some cases, you may be directed to this topic if you are trying to access help but no help is available. Because only a compact help system is installed with ArcGIS Pro, you need to connect to the Internet or install the offline help to obtain complete product documentation.

Choose the online or offline help system

ArcGIS Pro has two ways of accessing help: online from the Internet or offline files installed on your local machine. If you know you will be working in the field or in a disconnected environment and need to use the help system, make sure you install the offline help system. The online help system for ArcGIS Pro provides information that is specific to the latest release. If you need help for a previous version of ArcGIS Pro, choose the offline help system by following the steps provided here:

  1. Download the ArcGIS Pro Help setup from the location where you obtained the ArcGIS Pro application setup and run the installation program. After you have installed the help, you can choose which system to use. You can change this option at any time, and the update takes effect immediately.
  2. Start ArcGIS Pro, open a project, and click the Project tab.
  3. Click Options.
  4. Under Application, click General.
  5. Choose whether to access online help from the Internet or offline help from your computer. The offline option is only available after you have installed the help setup.
  6. Click OK.

Get help within ArcGIS Pro

There are several ways to open the help system from the ArcGIS Pro application:

  • On the Start page, click the View Help button.
    View Help button
  • In the top corner of the application title bar, click the View Help button.
  • On the Project tab, click Help.

Context-specific help topics may be available from specific tools or panes to give you help about what you are doing in the application at that moment. Opening help from these locations displays a help topic specific to that part of the user interface.

  • On the ribbon, hover over a button so a ScreenTip appears and press F1 wherever you see Press F1 for more help in the ScreenTip.
  • In certain panes, click the View Help button in the pane's title bar.
  • On certain dialog boxes or pages, click the Learn more hyperlink.

You may be unable to get context-specific help if you lack both an Internet connection and offline help files.

Geoprocessing tool help

Each geoprocessing toolbox and tool has a corresponding help topic.

  • Open a geoprocessing tool within the ArcGIS Pro application and click the Help button Help. Hovering over the button displays a tool summary.
  • To get help on a tool parameter, hover over the parameter in the Geoprocessing pane, and then hover over the Information button Information that appears.
  • If you receive a warning or error message, you can click the hyperlink to get more information about how to resolve the issue.

Use the offline help system

If you will be disconnected from the network or need help for a version of ArcGIS Pro that is not the latest version, install help content locally. The offline help system displays in a help viewing application that provides the ability to search, bookmark, and annotate topics. The offline help system requires ArcGIS Pro to be installed first on the machine.

Although the web-based help is often the most current source of documentation, Esri may periodically release updated offline help files. When an update is available, ArcGIS Pro displays a notification and prompts you to install it.


To search the ArcGIS Pro help content, type one or more keywords within the Search box and press Enter. The Search Results tab displays your results, allowing you to scroll and explore the returned topics.

To access your recently searched keywords, click the drop-down arrow in the search box and click a query from the list. You can also click Clear History to clear your search history.


To highlight keywords within a topic in the installed help, press CTRL+F and type a keyword into the Find dialog box that appears.

Bookmark a topic

You can bookmark a topic for later reference. To bookmark a topic, open the topic on the Documentation tab. At the bottom of the help window, click Add BookmarkAdd bookmark.

You can manage your existing bookmarks in the Bookmarks tab. Bookmarks appear in the order they were added. To view a topic you have bookmarked, hover over the bookmark and click Navigate Navigate. You can delete it by hovering over it and clicking Delete bookmark from pane Delete bookmark from pane.

Add notes to a topic

Notes allow you to add your own information to a topic. This allows you to create a study guide, for example, that you can refer to later or print for reference. To add a note to a topic, open the topic in the Documentation tab. At the bottom of the help window, click Add Note Add note, and type or paste your note into the Notes text box.

You can manage your existing notes on the Notes tab. Notes are listed in the order they were added and include the title of the topic as well as the full note text. To view the topic the note is associated with, hover over the note text and click Navigate Navigate. You can delete a note on the Notes tab by hovering over it and clicking Delete. You can also open the topic on the Documentation tab and click Delete Note Delete note at the bottom of the help window.