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Training Samples Manager

Manage training samples

The Training Samples Manager page is divided into two sections. When it first opens, you will see the schema management section at the top. This will automatically have a default schema loaded based on the National Land Cover Dataset (NLCD) of 2011. Schemas are hierarchical meaning that they have parent classes which hold more specific sub-classes. An example of this would be a forest parent class comprised of deciduous and evergreen trees. You can create new classes here, or remove existing classes, by right-clicking on the schema and choosing the appropriate option from the context menu. You can also edit the name, value, color, and alias from Edit Properties. You can also add a description for the class.

training samples manager user interface

The bottom section of the page shows you all of your training samples. Once these have been created or imported, you can manage them by removing training samples that you don't want. You can remove them individually or you can group them together by selecting them and then using the Delete button. When you select a training sample, it will be selected on the map. If you double click on a training sample, it will zoom to it in the map.

Steps to create training samples:

  1. Select the class that you want to add samples to from the schema manager (top portion of pane).
  2. Select one of the sketch tools, to begin collecting your training samples.
    1. If you have a segmented raster in the Contents pane, you can use the Segment Picker to select objects as training samples. If you have more than one segmented layer in the Contents pane, use the drop-down to list within the Segment Picker to select the segmented layer that you want to collect training samples from.
    2. Click once on the map to select the segment. It will be added to the training sample section on the bottom of the pane.

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