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Configure ALTIBASE Geometry type

To use spatial data in ALTIBASE from ArcGIS, configure two system tables in the database.

ArcGIS requires two system tables to store geometry column and spatial reference information. Run the geometry_columns.sql script to create the geometry_columns and spatial_ref_sys system tables. This script is installed with ALTIBASE.

The geometry_columns table stores information about the spatial columns in feature classes. The spatial_ref_sys table stores the spatial references used by feature classes in the database.

Once the tables exist, run the esri_srs.sql script to populate the spatial_ref_sys table with spatial references. Download the DatabaseSupport zip (Windows) or tar (Linux) file from My Esri to obtain the esri_srs.sql script.


The ALTIBASE Geometry type supports x- and y-coordinates. For more information on the ALTIBASE Geometry type, see The GEOMETRY Data Type in the ALTIBASE documentation.

The %ALTIBASE_HOME%\thirdparty\ArcGIS directory contains the geometry_columns.sql script. This script creates a user named sto and the geometry_columns and spatial_ref_sys tables, which will be owned by the sto user.

  1. Before you run the geometry_columns.sql script, open it in a text editor, change the sto user's password, and save your changes.
  2. Run the geometry_columns.sql script as the ALTIBASE sys user.

    In the following example, the script is run from within the %ALTIBASE_HOME%\thirdparty\ArcGIS directory.

    isql -u sys -p M@nag3r -f geometry_columns.sql

  3. As mentioned, you must download the DatabaseSupport compressed file from My Esri to get the esri.srs.sql script. After uncompressing the file, place the esri_srs.sql script in a directory named ArcGIS in the ALTIBASE_HOME thirdparty directory on the ALTIBASE server.
  4. Now run the esri_srs.sql script as the sto user to populate the spatial_ref_sys table with spatial references.

    isql -u sto -p Pw4$to -f esri_srs.sql

After you create the geometry_columns and spatial_reference tables, information about the spatial columns of the feature classes you create will be stored in the geometry_columns table. New feature classes will use the spatial references stored in the spatial_references table.

Next, configure the ALTIBASE HDB client to connect from ArcGIS.