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Quick tour of geocoding

To begin using the many geocoding functions available to you in ArcGIS Pro, you first need to know where to look for them. Briefly touring the application provides you with the information you need to get started right away.

Geocoding functions available in ArcGIS Pro

A great deal of geocoding functionality, both for beginners and for more advanced users who require more specialized geoprocessing tools, is available in the ArcGIS Pro application. You will find all of these geocoding functions in a few easy-to-find places. For example, the screen capture below shows the Locate pane, where you can quickly and easily geocode a single address.

Locate pane

The Locate pane is accessible only after you add a map to your application and you click the Locate button Locate. If you want to geocode a single address, type it into the search box in the Locate pane pictured above, and press Enter. Your addresses display in list format shown below and in the image above as well as on the map. You can zoom to the addresses to determine which match you prefer.

The Locate pane will attempt to geocode any search input against all locators added to your project. Locators are automatically added to your project in ArcGIS Pro from your portal connection. If you are logged in with your ArcGIS Online account, the ArcGIS Online World Geocoding Service will be added automatically to your project, along with any other geocoding services available to you through your organizational account. Alternatively, if you are logged in through a custom portal, the geocoding services published on that portal as utility services will be added to your project.


If you log out of your active portal and log in to a different portal in ArcGIS Pro, all portal locators will be refreshed, meaning locators from the initial portal will be removed and locators from the new portal will be added. This behavior applies only to locators that have been added as utility services and to the ArcGIS Online World Geocoding Service if you are signed in to ArcGIS Online. This behavior does not apply to locator items added manually to your project.

You can also add additional locators to a project manually, from a file folder, from a server connection, or from locator items on your portal.

You can also modify some settings for geocoding from the Settings tab of the Locate pane. The Settings tab allows you to enable or disable locators in your project. If locators are enabled, they will be used to geocode addresses in the Locate pane and to reverse geocode if you right-click the map and select What's here?. If locators are not enabled, they will not be used for these two functions. Additionally, if a locator added to your project was built with suggestions capability, you can enable the use of suggestions for that locator in the Locate pane. By default, all locators are enabled for use in the Locate pane and with What's here?, and all locators with suggestions capabilities are used in the Locate pane.

The following screen capture shows another important location for geocoding related tools: the Geoprocessing pane, which allows you to access various geocoding tools.

Geoprocessing pane

To access the Geoprocessing pane:

  1. Click the Analysis tab at the top of the page.
  2. Click the Tools button Tools.

The pane above appears on the side of your map. Use the Geocode Addresses tool to geocode multiple addresses at once. This process is explained more fully in Geocode a table of addresses.

You can also geocode a table of addresses with the Geocode Table pane, which is accessed by adding a table to your project and then either right-clicking it and selecting Geocode Table or opening the Data (Standalone Table) tab of the ribbon and clicking the Geocode Table button Geocode Table. The Geocode Table pane will allow you to complete a guided workflow intended to streamline to process for beginning geocoding users or to complete the inputs of the pane manually. The Geocode Table tool will also offer improved performance in some instances.

Extensive background GIS or geocoding knowledge is not necessary to use the geocoding functionality in ArcGIS Pro. You now have a basic understanding of the Locate pane, the Geoprocessing pane in the Geocoding Tools section, and the Geocode Table pane, which contain all the functionality you need to get started. Once you explore these three panes, every geocoding function available in ArcGIS Pro is ready for you to use.