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About finding a feature

You can search layers using the Locate pane to find features that match particular attribute values in ArcGIS Pro. For example, you can search a layer containing all the fast food restaurants in North America by manager name, search a layer containing 800 well sites by ID number, or search a layer containing California airports by 3-letter airport code. You can also search all fields in all layers added to a map in order to find an individual feature. This feature is designed to quickly search large layers containing hundreds, thousands, or even millions of features to find the one feature you're looking for.

Find a feature by configuring individual layers using the Locate pane

Feature search is performed in the Locate pane, alongside geocoding. In addition to the locators that are added from your portal connection by default, you can add additional locators to the project or select layers from your maps to configure feature search in the Locate pane. Layers are configured for search within the Locate pane by selecting individual fields to search against and specifying where to perform an exact search or an approximate search. Once a layer is configured for search, it appears in the Find Providers list with the locators. You can reorder the locators and layers on the Settings tab of the Locate pane in order to set preferred search order. Results are returned in the order you set for the find providers.


If you import a web map with layers that have already been configured for search online, those configurations will be automatically imported into ArcGIS Pro, and you can search against the layers in the Locate pane without performing any additional steps.

Find a feature by searching all fields in all layers in the map using the Locate pane

Instead of using the Locate pane configuration Settings, you can choose to search against all fields in all layers added to you map. The Filter Display Filters button allows you to select one of two Layer Search options. The Layer Search (Equals) option will search against all fields in all layers added to the current map for any exact, case-sensitive matches to your input. The Layer Search (Contains) option will search against all fields in all layers added to the current map for any match containing your input (case insensitive). Selecting either of these Layer Search options will ignore any settings configured on the Settings tab of the Locate pane, and any locators added to the project will not be used.

Interact with feature search results

You can use the Locate pane to search against a configured layer to generate a list of matches. Once the results are displayed, you can navigate to each feature by double-clicking an item in the results list to zoom to it on the map. You can also activate Candidate Pop-up from the Explore tool Explore Tool on the Map tab to view a pop-up with detailed information about a feature result. From Candidate Pop-up, you can perform several actions, including selecting the feature.

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