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Add locators to a project

You can load a locator to a project and then use it to find addresses. When an address is searched using the Locate pane, all locators added to the project will be searched for finding possible matching candidates.


ArcGIS Pro requires that saved locators be stored in a file folder, not in a geodatabase. Locators or geocode services added from server connections or that are published as items on your portal can also be used.

  1. Open an existing project, or start a new one.
  2. On the Insert tab, click Connections in the Project group and then click Add Locator Add Locator.
  3. On the Select Existing Locator dialog box, browse for the locator or composite locator you want to use for geocoding.
  4. Click Select to add the locator to the project.

    You can also navigate to a folder or server connection in the Catalog pane and right click on the locator or geocode service, and then click Add To Project Add To Project.

    A Locators folder Locators folder appears in the Catalog pane.

  5. In the Catalog pane, click to expand the Locators folder and view the locators that are added to the project.

    Geocoding services can also be added to the project. In order to add a locator published to a server that is not federated with your portal, on the Insert tab, click Connections in the Project group and then click Add ArcGIS for Server. Once a server connection is added, the geocoding services can be added to the Locators folder from the Server Connections folder in the Catalog pane.

    If you have locator items published to a server federated with you portal, click the Portal tab in the Catalog pane and browse to your locator item there. Once you have found it, right-click the locator item and select Add to Project. The locator will be added to the Locators folder in the Catalog pane, and you can use it the same way as other locators in your project, for interactive and batch geocoding.


Your locator will now be used automatically to geocode addresses in the Locate pane. You can also use your locator to geocode a table of addresses.


Once added to a project from a server connection or from a published portal item, locators that were created and published with suggestions support will generate suggestions for user input when used in the Locate pane. This behavior is not currently supported for locators added from folder locations.

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