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Find an address using the Locate pane

The Locate pane provides a quick way to search for an address and display the corresponding location on a map.


You must add a map to your project before any geocoding functionality becomes available.

  1. To use any locators in addition to the World Geocoding Service or geocoding services from your portal connection, add them to your project.

    To view the currently available locators in your project, navigate to the Catalog pane. Opened by default, this pane shares space with the Locate pane, so you may need to select it using the tab at the bottom of the pane.

    The Locators folder Locators contains a list of currently available locators. Click it to expand the contents.

    View locators currently added to project

  2. Open the Locate pane by clicking the Locate Locate button on the Map tab at the top of your project. The pane opens over the Catalog pane.
  3. In the Search text box in the Locate pane, type the address, place name, or x,y coordinates you want to find in a single-line format.

    As you type, suggestions appear in a drop-down menu based on your input. The suggestions are generated by locators based on the settings you choose on the Settings tab of the Locate pane. You can press Enter to search based on the text you enter in the search box, or you can click one of the suggestions to perform a search based on that text.


    Suggestions built on custom locators are currently only supported for locators published to ArcGIS for Server. For suggestions to be used in ArcGIS Pro, the locator must be published to the portal that you connect to using ArcGIS Pro or added to your project through a server connection. The Locate pane also displays search suggestions generated from the ArcGIS Online World Geocoding Service.

  4. If the address matches, the address candidates display in list format under the locator that returned them, and they display as labelled points on your map. You can right-click any candidate to reveal the Zoom To Zoom To option and the Pan To Pan To option that allow you to perform their respective actions on the selected candidate so you can examine it more effectively.

The Locate pane automatically references the geocoding services available through your portal connection and locators added to a project.

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