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Locator place-name alias table properties

This topic describes the property listed in the Place name alias table section of the Locator Properties dialog box.

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Alias table

Place-name aliases are common names of a location, such as the name of a school, hospital, or other landmark. In geocoding, the locator can be set to accommodate the use of place-name aliases instead of their addresses for matching. By adding a place-name alias table, you can search for locations based on a location name.

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After a locator is created, you can modify the locator to add or change the place-name alias table.

  1. On the Locator Properties dialog box, click the Place name alias table tab on the left.
  2. Click Browse Browse above the Alias Table drop-down menu.

    The Browse dialog box opens.

  3. Browse to the table you want to use for your alias name data on the Browse dialog box, and click Open.

    Options for Alias Field and Address Fields become available.

  4. Click the Alias Field drop-down menu on the Locator Properties dialog box, and click the field that corresponds to the location or alias name.
  5. In the Address Fields section, click the drop-down box of each field, and choose an appropriate field from the place-name alias table.
  6. Click OK to save the settings and close the dialog box.

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