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Modify a locator's settings

After a locator is created, you can view or modify the settings of the locator. See About modifying a locator's settings for more information about components and matching options in a locator that you can view or modify.

  1. In the Locators folder of the Catalog pane, right-click the locator you want to modify and click Locator Properties to open the Locator Properties dialog box.
  2. Click through the tabs on the left side of the dialog box to see the various available fields.

    Read-only settings cannot be selected, only viewed. The locator settings that can be edited and saved will respond when clicked.

  3. Click an editable setting and make changes.

    The options for a locator setting are presented as one of the following controls:

    • Text box—Type a value in the text box.
    • Drop-down menu—Click the drop-down arrow and choose an option from the menu.
    • Interactive tables—Click the rows of the table to view options for reordering certain values or add fields as needed.
  4. Click OK to save the settings and close the dialog box.