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Publish a locator to your portal

Once you finish creating a locator or composite locator, you can share it to your portal and allow others to use it, either locally or on the web. To share your locator, complete the following steps:

To share a locator from ArcGIS Pro, you must first add it to your project.


Sharing a locator requires that you be logged in to ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5 or later with at least one federated server and that you have Publisher or Administrator privileges. If you are a member of a custom role, be sure the portal administrator has granted you the privilege to Publish server-based layers.

  1. On the Share tab of the ribbon, click the Share locator button and select a locator from your project from the drop-down menu.

    The Share Locator pane appears.

  2. Fill in the information on the General tab of the Share Locator pane.
    1. The Name text box is populated automatically with the name of the locator, but you can change the name or provide a path to share the locator to a folder other than the root folder on the server. For example, you could type Locators\Atlanta.loc in the Name text box to create and share to a folder named Locators.
    2. You must provide information in the Item Description, Summary, and Tags text boxes.
    3. Optionally, you can define which people in your organization you want to share your locator with by modifying Sharing Option.
  3. Optionally, you can modify the service properties on the Configuration tab of the Share Locator tab.

    You can learn more about the available properties and configurations in Setting properties on locators shared to your portal.

  4. On the Content tab of the Share Locator tab, you can view the folder structure into which your locator will be shared. You can also specify which federated server on your portal you want to share your locator to, assuming you have more than one. By default, your locator will be shared to your hosting server.

Your locator is now running on the federated server on your portal and can be accessed by users and clients on your network. If you shared the locator as a server administrator and allowed web access to the service, your service is also now available on the web.

You can add the locator from your portal to your project from the Portal tab of the Project tab. Browse to the shared locator there, right-click the locator, and choose Add to project. You can then use the locator from the Locate pane and in the geocoding geoprocessing tools.


The place-name alias table specified in a locator will not be used when the locator is shared to your portal.

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