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Place-name alias table

Contents of a place-name alias table

A place-name alias is a common name of a location, such as the name of a school, hospital, or other landmark. For example, Memorial Hospital is the place name for the address 893 Memorial Drive. Searching for a location can be done by either the address or its place-name alias.

In a place-name alias table, each record represents one place name and its associated address. When a place name is entered as an input address, the address locator searches for the location based on the alias name's corresponding address.

Place-name alias table

Alias field

The place-name alias table must contain a field that stores the place names. They are the names that will potentially be entered as the input address. For example, if the table contains a list of schools with their associated addresses, the field in the table that contains the actual school name is used as the Alias field. If the same address has multiple place names, each name with the same corresponding address should be added to the table. If different addresses have the same place name, additional zone information, such as City, State, or ZIP Code, should be provided in the table. For example, the table can have a record for Public Library with its address in Atlanta, GA, and another record for Public Library in Dallas, TX.

Address fields

Based on the address locator style you choose, the place-name alias table should contain the same set of address input fields used by the address locator. For example, if an address locator specifies Street, City, State, and ZIP as the input fields for matching, the place-name alias table should have the same set of fields. These fields contain the actual addresses for the alias names.

Building an address locator for place-name aliases

When creating address locators that use place-name tables, an address locator can be created that includes place names.

See create a locator to learn how to create an address locator. The following steps describe how to add the place-name alias table and specify the fields in the Create Address Locator tool.

  1. After choosing an address locator style in the Create Address Locator tool, click Browse Browse next to the Reference Data text box.

    The Reference Data dialog box appears.

  2. Browse to the primary feature class you want to use for creating the locator.
  3. Click the drop-down arrow under the Role column and select Primary Table.
  4. Repeat step 1 and browse to the place-name alias table.
  5. Click the drop-down arrow under the Role column and select Alias Table.

    Fields in the Field Map section are automatically mapped.

    Place-name table field mapping
  6. If the field map is not complete, select the appropriate field in the table for each field.

    In the Alias Table section, the Alias Table:Alias field is a required field. It is the field that contains the place names.

  7. Continue the steps for creating the locator.

    Using this locator, a location can be searched by either the address or its place name.

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