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Create an ortho mapping workspace

An ortho mapping workspace is an ArcGIS Pro subproject that is dedicated to ortho mapping workflows. It is a container within an ArcGIS Pro project folder that binds together all the resources and derived files (artifacts) that belong to a single image collection in one ortho mapping task. In particular, it contains an image collection to be adjusted, which is managed using the mosaic dataset data model, the generated ortho mapping products, internal files used in the adjustment process, and necessary information that manages the workspace.

You can copy, delete, and rename an ortho mapping workspace. You can have more than one ortho mapping workspace within a project, where each workspace opens its own map view. It is recommended that you use one project for each ortho mapping task. You can use multiple ortho mapping workspaces to manage the different versions of your ortho mapping tasks.

You can create an ortho mapping workspace from drone imagery, satellite imagery (with a Rational Polynomial Coefficient [RPC] camera model), digital aerial imagery, scanned aerial imagery, or an existing mosaic dataset. The type of ortho mapping workspace defines the algorithms that are used to process the image type. You will need to choose the corresponding type when you create an ortho mapping workspace for your data. The New Ortho Mapping Workspace wizard on the Imagery tab allows you to create an ortho mapping workspace from a collection of images or an existing mosaic dataset, and it also allows you to import or add from an existing ortho mapping workspace.

New Workspace button on the Imagery tab

The wizard guides you through the process of creating an ortho mapping workspace where you enter information to define your project, such as name, description, and workspace type. Depending on your type of workspace—for example, drone or satellite—the wizard pane presents appropriate options such as location of your source image collection, camera, or sensor model files, and spatial reference system.

There are several types of ortho mapping workspaces that can be created for your image data:

To learn about adjusting your imagery, see Block adjustment.

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