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Ortho mapping in ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro allows you to process images of drones, satellites, and digital and scanned aerial photography to produce georeferenced ortho products. These images can be used to perform various ortho mapping tasks:

  • Generate georeferenced ortho mosaic datasets.
  • Generate georeferenced seamless orthomosaics, stored as a file format such as TIFF or CRF.
  • Generate digital terrain models (DTM) and digital surface models (DSM).

The georeferenced ortho mosaic dataset can be used to share as dynamic image services or cached image services, or generate image ortho products in other forms:


Ortho mapping capability requires the ArcGIS Pro Advanced license.

Get started with ArcGIS Pro ortho mapping

Ortho mapping with ArcGIS Pro entails three major steps:

  1. Create an ortho mapping workspace from your data.
  2. Perform block adjustment to correct the geometric distortions in the images.
  3. Generate ortho mapping products.

Three steps for ortho mapping

To get started, you will need to create a new project in ArcGIS Pro and then create an ortho mapping workspace, which is a subproject within the ArcGIS Pro project. The ortho mapping workspace manages all the ortho mapping resources and opens a map view with an Ortho Mapping tab and an ortho mapping view within the Contents pane for the ortho mapping workflow. The Ortho Mapping tab provides tools and wizards for bundle block adjustment and the generation of ortho mapping products. The ortho mapping view within the Contents pane manages and visualizes the layers of the related data in the ortho mapping workspace.

Ortho Mapping view

To learn about ortho mapping workspaces, see Ortho mapping workspace.

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