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ArcGIS Data Reviewer checks in ArcGIS Pro

Available with Data Reviewer license.

Checks are tools that allow you to validate your data based on specific conditions. Some of the checks allow you to search for conditions, such as polygon slivers or cutbacks, while other checks allow you to search for features that have spatial relationships with each other. For example, you can find buildings that have been mistakenly placed on water features.

ArcGIS Pro supports the following ArcGIS Data Reviewer checks:

Check NameDescription

Finds attribute values that do not comply with coded value or range domains that are associated with an attribute field.

Query Attributes

Finds records based on a query WHERE clause run against row attributes.


Finds features with improper or null subtype values.

Check Group: Attribute Checks

Check NameDescription
Event on Event

Finds linear referenced events that overlay other events based on a user-defined relationship.

Invalid Events

Finds linear referenced events that do not have an associated route, contain invalid measure values, or have gaps or overlaps within the same route or across multiple routes.

Check Group: Event Checks

Check NameDescription
Invalid Geometry

Finds features that contain invalid geometry.

Check Group: Feature Checks

Check NameDescription

Finds segments where the angle between segments in a polygon or polyline is below a specified minimum value.


Searches z- or m-enabled polylines for vertices that are not strictly increasing or decreasing in value or are trending based on specified conditions.

Check Group: Polyline Checks

Check NameDescription
Duplicate Feature

Finds features of the same geometry type that are collocated and optionally share attributes.

Feature on Feature

Finds features that have a specific relationship, either from two different feature layers or within the same feature layer.

Check Group: Spatial Relationship Checks

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