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Manage Reviewer rules

Available with Data Reviewer license.

The sharing of a Reviewer rule follows similar workflows as those of sharing projects, maps, and layers. Existing Reviewer rules can be propagated to other projects by importing map packages (.mpk) or map files (.mpx). Rules stored in layer files (.lyrx) can also be added to maps either within the same or different projects.

Add layers with rules to other maps

You can add existing layers with Reviewer rules to a map.

  1. Click the Add Data button on the Map tab.
  2. Locate the layer with configured rules.
  3. Click OK.

    The layer is added to the map.

  4. Open the Reviewer Rules view to see the new rules added to the list of available rules in the map.

    The Reviewer Rules view automatically refreshes when adding new layers with configured rules.

Remove layers with rules from a map

Removing a layer does not remove a preconfigured rule from a map. For a rule that applies to multiple layers, the rule remains active for the layers still present in the map; however, a rule that only applies to the layer that is removed becomes invalid but is still present in the map.


You can use the Undo Undo and Redo Redo commands to bring back layers or rules removed from a map.

Share rules between projects

Rules can be shared between projects by importing map packages (.mpk) or map files (.mpx) that contain rules.

  1. Click the Insert tab.
  2. Click Import Map.
  3. Browse to the directory where the map package or map file is located.
  4. Choose the file and click OK to import.
  5. Open the Reviewer Rules view to see the rules that have been imported to the project.

Delete rules

Existing rules can be deleted using the Delete command in the Reviewer Rules view. You can choose multiple rules to delete at the same time.

  1. Activate the map that contains rules that require removal.
  2. Click the Reviewer Rules button to the View tab to display all rules in the map.
  3. Select rule items to delete from the Reviewer Rules view.

    Use the Shift key to select a block of rule items or the Ctrl key to select multiple noncontiguous rule items.

  4. Click Delete on the Reviewer Rules tab to remove the selected rules.

    Changes to rules are not persisted until the project is saved.