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Available with Data Reviewer license.


The Subtype check finds features with improper or null subtype values.


The purpose of the Subtype check is to find features that contain attribute values that are not defined for the subtype. This includes attribute values that are inconsistent with the subtype's defined values and may optionally include null attribute values.

Subtypes are a subset of features in a feature layer. For example, features in the Bridge line layer can be organized into separate subtypes for bridges, overpasses, and viaducts instead of combining them into one subtype. However, if the product specification does not allow this type of granularity between feature types, these subtypes would be considered invalid. For more information, see Introduction to subtypes.



Input Layers/Stand-alone Tables


The input feature layers or stand-alone tables evaluated by the rule.

Valid inputs for this rule type are feature layers and stand-alone tables. Click the Forward button Forward to apply filtering to specific features in the feature layer or specific rows in the stand-alone table.

Search for Null Values


Indicates whether the check searches for null subtype values.



Title property of the Reviewer result created when a noncompliant feature is found.

This information is used to support data quality requirement traceability, automated reporting, and corrective workflows.



Descriptive text of the Reviewer result created when noncompliant features are found.

This information is used to provide guidance to facilitate corrective workflows.



Severity of the Reviewer result created when noncompliant features are found.

This value indicates the importance of the Reviewer result relative to other results. Values range from 1 to 5, with 1 being the highest priority and 5 being the lowest.



Tag property of the Reviewer rule.

This information is used in rule authoring and management workflows to support traceability and reporting of data quality requirements.


  • Domain-restricted attributes for features or table rows assigned to an invalid subtype cannot be evaluated when using the Domain check. Evaluation of domain-restricted attributes will be required once subtype-related errors are corrected. For more information, see Domain.
  • When configuring filter parameters, care should be taken when using database-specific SQL functions that differ from those supported in your production environment. For more information, see SQL reference for query expressions used in ArcGIS.

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