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Add units of measure for editing

On the project Options dialog box, on the Units tab, you can add units of measure to your project. The units appear as optional units on dialog boxes for editing that specify distance, direction, or location.

Adding a unit of measure to a project enables you to enter measurements in units that are different from map units defined by a projected coordinate system. On a dialog box for editing, you can type the value, set the unit of measure, and the tool converts the value correctly.

For example, if your map is set to a State Plane coordinate system with units in U.S. survey feet, and you add meters to the project, meter (m) appears as an optional unit in the drop-down lists on dialog boxes for editing.

Distance dialog box

To learn more about units, see the following:

Add a unit of measure

To add a unit of measure to your project, click the Units tab and expand a unit category. After adding a unit code, you can right click it and customize the display format.

  1. On the Edit tab, in the Manage Edits group, click the Options dialog box launcher Launcher.
  2. On the Options dialog box, click Units.
  3. Expand a units type.
    The units table appears.
    Units tab
  4. In the Code column, click <Select Unit Code> and select a format type.

    The new unit code appears in the units table.

  5. Right-click the unit code, click Set unit format, and customize the display format.
    Set unit format
  6. Click OK.

    Your settings are saved and the dialog box closes.

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