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Edit feature attributes

In the Attributes pane Attributes, on the Attributes tab, you can identify features and edit attributes stored in the feature attribute table or a related table. The Geometry tab provides quick access to editing tools that move finished features and edit vertices.

Fields that are managed by attribute rules restrict your changes to values defined by the rule. When your edits violate a rule, a notification appears in the pane, informing you of the rule that is preventing your changes.

To learn more, see An overview of attribute rules.

Edit attributes and related records

Editing feature attributes in the Attributes pane enables you to select and edit features on multiple layers without opening the attribute table. Clicking a feature in the selection list displays its attribute fields.

To learn about editing attributes directly in the attribute table, see Edit an active table.

  1. On the Edit tab, in the Selection group, click Attributes Attributes.

    The Attributes pane appears.

    Attributes tab
  2. Click Select Select and select the annotation feature.

    The selection list appears in the pane.

  3. Click the Attributes tab.
  4. Expand the selection list and click the feature you want to edit.
    1. To edit a field that is common to several features, press the Ctrl key while clicking items in the list.
    2. If a warning icon Warning appears next to an item on the list, you can right-click the item, click Add To Map Add Data, and add it to your map.
  5. Click the field you want to edit and change the value.

    When Auto Apply is turned off, edited fields highlight with a vertical green bar on the left side of the field name until you click Apply.

  6. Apply your changes using one of the following methods:
    • If Auto Apply is turned off, click Apply.
    • If Auto Apply is turned on, Press Enter.

Field color codes

Fields with a specific purpose or function are highlighted with a color. The color codes are described in the following table.

Field colorDescription


Subtype field.


Symbolizes the layer.


The Highlight property is enabled in the attribute table.

Attribute field color codes