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Edit feature attributes

On the Edit tab, in the Selection group, Attributes Attributes opens the Attributes pane. When you select a feature, the Attributes and Geometry tabs appear in the pane. You can identify the feature, edit attributes and related records, and edit the coordinate values that define its geometry.

To learn about using the Attributes Table Standalone to edit attributes for all features on a layer, see Edit an active table.

Edit attributes and related records

To edit attributes for a feature and related records, open the Attributes pane Attributes and select the feature. Expand the selection in the pane, click the feature or a related table, click the Attributes tab, and edit the field values.

  1. On the Edit tab, in the Selection group, click Attributes Attributes.

    The Attributes pane appears.

  2. In the pane, click Select Select and select the feature containing the attributes you want to edit.

    The selection and the Attributes and Geometry tabs appear in the pane.

    Attributes tab
  3. In the pane, expand the selection and click the feature or related table.
    • If a warning icon Warning appears next to the feature or table, right-click and click Add To Map Add Data to add it to your map.
    • To edit a field that is common to several features in the selection, press the Ctrl key while clicking several features.
  4. In the pane, click the Attributes tab.

    The color of the row indicates how the field is being used in the map.

    Field colorDescription


    Subtype field


    Symbolizes the layer


    The Highlight property is enabled in the attribute table

    Attribute field color codes

  5. In the feature attribute table, click a field and type the new value or click its drop-down arrow and change the setting.
  6. To apply your changes, do one of the following:
    • Press Enter.
    • If Auto Apply is unchecked, click Apply.

    The new value is applied to the selected feature or related record.