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Validate and fix geodatabase topology

Available with Standard or Advanced license.

On the Edit tab, in the Manage Edits group, Error Inspector Error Inspector shows validated topology errors in a table. It also contains tools to zoom to and fix errors using predefined fixes. The status of a topology, including errors and exceptions, is saved to the source geodatabase.

In the Contents pane, geodatabase topology rules appear as group layers. When you validate a topology, spatial relationships that violate the rule are identified and symbolized as errors on separate topology sublayers. Features that are subsequently edited and require validation are symbolized on the sublayer named modified area or dirty area or a similar name.

This topic provides a basic workflow for validating a geodatabase topology source rule in your map and fixing errors. To learn more about geodatabase topology rules and predefined fixes for a specific feature type, see the following topics:

Validate a topology source rule

To validate a topology, click the Source arrow, choose a topology rule, and click Validate Validate Extent.

  1. On the Edit tab, in the Manage Edits group, click Error Inspector Error Inspector.

    Error Inspector opens.

    Error Inspector errors
  2. On the toolbar, click the Source arrow and choose a topology rule against which you want to validate your data.
  3. On the toolbar, click Validate Validate Extent.

    Errors appear as line items in Error Inspector.

Preview and zoom to errors

To preview and zoom to a topology error, click the Preview page, and on the toolbar, click Zoom to Error Zoom to Error to zoom to the error on the map.

  1. Click the Preview page.

    The Preview page displays the area of the map containing the error.

    Error Inspector Preview
  2. In the error table, click another error.

    The Preview page updates.

  3. On the toolbar below the preview, click Zoom to Error Zoom to Error.

    The active map zooms to the error.

View details about an error

To view detailed information about a topology error, click the Details page.

  1. Click the Details page.

    The Details page displays detailed information about an error.

    Error Inspector Details
  2. In the error table, click another error.

    The Details page updates.

Fix an error

To fix a topology error, click the Fix page, and click a predefined fix. If a predefined fix is not available, edit the feature using tools in the Modify Features pane, and validate the area again to confirm your changes fixed the error.

  1. Click the Fix page.

    The Fix page contains predefined fixes and commands to work with exceptions to a rule.

    Error Inspector Fix
  2. In the error table, click another error.

    The Fix page updates.

  3. To fix an error using a predefined fix, do one of the following:
    • On the Fix page, click a predefined fix.
    • On the lower toolbar, or in the Modify Features pane, click Fix Fix Error, click the symbolized error on the map, and click a predefined fix on the context menu.
  4. To mark an error as an exception, click Mark as Exception Mark as Exception.
  5. To clear an error that is marked as an exception, click Clear Exception Clear Exception.