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Add and modify table frame fields

After you have added a table frame to the layout you may want to make further modifications to individual fields. You may want to remove and re-order certain fields to keep the focus on the most pertinent information. To remove a field's visibility in the table frame, uncheck it in the Contents pane. To re-order the arrangement of the fields, simply drag and drop the fields into the order you prefer. These changes will automatically update the table frame on the layout.

Changes can be made to individual fields, all fields, or a selected sub-set of fields. To make changes to all fields in the table frame, in the Contents pane, right-click the table frame and click Properties. In the Format Table Frame Field pane, under Fields, click Show properties. This selects all fields in the table and opens the Format Table Frame Field pane where you can modify the appearance and display.

To make changes to an individual field, select it in the Contents pane and right-click it and choose Properties. To make changes a few but not all fields use the Control or Shift keys on your keyboards to select the fields and then right-click and choose Properties.

Table frame fields use the formatting (aliases, significant digits, etc.) from the table itself. To make changes to the fields of the table, right-click the table frame and Open it. On the View contextual tab, in the Field group, click Fields to begin making changes. For more information, see an overview of fields.


In the Format Table Frame Field pane, Auto width is checked on by default and automatically adjusted to fit all of the field's data. By unchecking it, you can set the width of the field in the units of the page. If you have set the field to a specific width, the values of some fields may be truncated. In this case you will likely want to Enable word wrapping to ensure the information will appear on multiple lines.

If the table frame is using the Adjust font size or Adjust font size and columns fitting strategy, Auto width will be overridden.


The Heading text, Data text, Background, Border, and Vertical line symbols can be modified by selecting them from the gallery. Further formatting can be made on the Properties tab.

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