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What is dynamic text?

Dynamic text is text placed on a map layout that changes based on the current properties of the project, a map frame, map, and so on. You can add dynamic text for such things as:

  • A user name
  • The date a project was last saved
  • The file path for the project
  • The metadata of a map on your page

When you insert a piece of dynamic text, it automatically displays the current value of its respective property. When that property is updated, the dynamic text automatically updates. Dynamic text works through the use of tags, like HTML. This allows you to combine both dynamic and static text in a single text element, and apply the available formatting options to customize the resulting text display.


Dynamic text is only supported for graphic text on a layout.

There are several types of dynamic text:

  • Computer (<dyn type="computer"/>)—Returns the name of the machine currently viewing the project
  • User (<dyn type="user"/>)—Returns the name of the current login
  • Date (<dyn type="date"/>)—Returns the current date
  • Time (<dyn type="time"/>)—Returns the current time
  • Project (<dyn type="project"/>—Returns property values of the project
  • Layout (<dyn type="layout" />)—Returns property values of the current layout
  • Map Frame (<dyn type="mapFrame" name="<Map Frame Name>" />)—Returns property values of the specified map frame and the map it contains

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