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Delete a keyframe

If you have an unnecessary keyframe, you can improve the animation path by deleting the individual keyframe, all keyframes at once, or all keyframes and the animation.

  1. If necessary, click Add Build Animation on the View tab to open the Animation tab.
  2. In the Edit group, expand the Keyframe List to view your existing keyframes and interactively select the keyframe you want to delete.
  3. Click Delete Delete keyframe to remove the current keyframe.
  4. If you do not choose a keyframe directly from the Keyframe List, clicking Delete will delete the keyframe that is currently being displayed.
  5. To delete all of your keyframes, you have two options: Delete all the keyframes and keep animation open, or delete all keyframes and close animation.
    • In the Edit group, click the Delete All button Delete all keyframes. The Animation tab stays open to continue animating.
    • In the Animation group, on the View tab, click Remove Remove Animation. This will close animation.
  6. You can click Undo Undo or press CTRL + Z to return your animation to its previous state.