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Keyboard shortcuts in the Contents pane

You can use keyboard shortcuts to perform certain actions in the map or layout Contents pane. The following table lists the available shortcuts and what they do in the Contents pane.



Put keyboard focus back on the map from the Contents pane.

Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys

Plus Sign (+) and Minus Sign (-) keys

Expand or contract selected items.

Ctrl+click an expansion control

Expand or contract all the items at that level.


Turn on or off selected layers.


Turn on or off all layers when a single layer is selected in the Contents pane.

If the selected layer is part of a group layer or a composite layer, all the members of that layer will be turned on or off. If multiple layers are selected, Ctrl+Spacebar works like Spacebar by itself and toggles only the selected layers on or off.

Ctrl+click a check box

Turn on or off all layers at that hierarchical level or all selected layers.


Rename the selected item.


Open the Properties dialog box for a selected item.

Ctrl+click or Shift+click

Select multiple layers in the Contents pane.

Alt+click a check box

Turn on the layer you clicked and turn off all other layers.

Alt+click a layer's name

Zoom to the extent of that layer.


Open the table of the layer or table selected in the Contents pane.

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