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Gain greater insights about a location by using the interactive Infographics Infographics tool. These small, dynamic charts and reports, which display as a pop-up on your map, can be configured to present information from a wide range of data collections. Infographics can help you answer location-based questions, such as:

  • How many households are in an evacuation zone?
  • What is the average household size in a ZIP Code?
  • Does a proposed location have enough people to justify the grant application?
  • How much of an area contains wetlands?
  • What types of neighborhoods are within 10 minutes of a site?
  • How much is an area spending on groceries?

Infographics leverage the Esri GeoEnrichment service to provide instant access to Esri demographic and landscape data collections. You need to be signed in with an ArcGIS Organizational account with available credits to use the service.

Infographics are based on Esri demographic data. To find out about available data collections from around the world, see the Esri Demographics Data website.

Configure infographics

You can configure infographics in several ways to get to the answers you want. On the Map tab, in the Inquiry group, click the Infographics drop-down menu and choose Configure Infographics Configure Infographics. On the Configure Infographics dialog box, you can configure three main aspects of the tool:

  • Geographic location
  • Data collections (and variables)
  • How to aggregate the data

Your choices for aggregating data are by direct distance ring, drive time, and driving distance. If you click a feature, that geometry is used to generate the infographics instead of the configured setting.