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Connect to a folder

Connect to folders on a local or network computer that provide the items needed to complete and archive a project.

  1. On the Insert tab, in the Project group, click Add Folder.

    The Add Folder Connection dialog box appears.

  2. Browse to the folder you want to add to the project in the Add Folder Connection dialog box.
    • Browse to the folder on disk.
    • Type or copy the full path to the folder into the Name text box.

    ArcGIS Pro does not support adding folder connections to the project that access the root node of any disk, for example, C:\ or D:\.

  3. Click OK or press Enter.
  4. The folder connection appears in the Folders category in the Catalog pane and catalog view.


    You can drag a folder from Windows Explorer and drop it in the Catalog pane or the catalog view to add it to a project.

Broken folder connections

If a shared folder becomes unavailable on the network, ArcGIS Pro won't be able to access its contents. A red exclamation mark Attention appears on the folder's icon indicating the connection is broken; the item's status will change when the shared folder becomes available again. Restoring access to the folder may require refreshing the connected folder's contents in the local computer's operating system.

If a local folder becomes unavailable because the folder was renamed in the local computer's operating system, delete the existing connection from the project. Add a new folder connection that accesses the folder with the new name.

Favorite a folder

If you add the same folder to many projects, favorite that folder to simplify the process. The project favorites collection is always available. Add a favorite folder to projects where you need it without having to remember its location. You can add a favorite network share to every new project you create. If your user profile supports roaming, favorite folders will be available on every computer you use.


You can drag a folder from Windows Explorer and drop it on the favorites collection in the Catalog pane or the catalog view.

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