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Preview data

When exploring a new collection of items, you may not know which item is the best one to use. You can visualize an item's data in the catalog view to help you decide which item to add to a map or analyze with a tool. Use the Preview tab in the catalog view's Details panel.

Tabular data cannot be previewed at this time.

Preview an item's spatial data

You explore spatial data on the Preview tab in the same manner as you explore spatial data in a map.

Maps are displayed as authored. If they have a basemap layer, the basemap layer specified by the map appears in the preview. For spatial datasets, however, a basemap is displayed under the data to provide context. The Light Gray Canvas basemap is used by default so the data remains prominent. You can turn off or change the basemap as appropriate.

Maps or layers created in another application are converted to the ArcGIS Pro format before they are displayed.

  1. Click an item containing spatial data in the catalog view such as a feature class or a map.
  2. Show the Details panel.
  3. Click the Preview tab at the bottom of the catalog view.

    The item's spatial data draws on the Preview tab. A Preview contextual tab also appears on the ribbon.

  4. Explore the item's spatial data.
    • Position the pointer on the Preview tab and use its buttons and wheels to pan, zoom, tile, and rotate the spatial data as appropriate.
    • On the Preview contextual tab on the ribbon, in the Navigate group, click the Full Extent, Fixed Zoom In, Fixed Zoom Out, Previous Extent, and Next Extent buttons to explore the spatial data.
  5. You can change the basemap to provide better context for the data. On the Preview contextual tab on the ribbon, in the Preview group, click the Basemap drop-down arrow and click the basemap you want to use instead.

Create a thumbnail to help you remember what data the item contains in the future.

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