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Rename project items

Some items in a project can be renamed. The following methods are available to rename those items:

  • Right-click an item in the Catalog pane or the catalog view and click Rename.
  • Press F2.
  • On the Project tab in the Catalog pane, click an item to select it, and click its name.
  • The Rename geoprocessing tool may be able to rename items that cannot be renamed using the other methods listed above.

Renaming may have a different result for each type of item. In some cases, renaming may provide an alias used in the project. In other cases, renaming may change the name of files stored on disk or update the name of an item in a database. In each case, different restrictions may affect the characters allowed in the item's name. When an item is successfully renamed, the ArcGIS Pro search index is updated with the new name if the item is indexed.

The following items can be renamed:

  • Maps and layouts can be renamed. In addition to the options listed above, these items can be renamed when they are open by selecting the map or layout in the Contents pane and clicking its name. Also, you can right-click the map or layout and click Properties, and change its name on the General tab in the Properties dialog box.
  • Folder connections can be renamed. Renaming lets you provide an alias for the folder connection that will be used in the project. The name of the folder to which your project is connected is not renamed on the computer.
  • Enterprise database connections and ArcGIS Server connections that have been added to a project can be renamed. The connection file stored on disk is renamed, and the name of the project item is updated accordingly. Database connection files and ArcGIS Server connection files accessed from a folder connection cannot be renamed.
  • Items stored in a geodatabase such as tables and feature classes can be renamed. The item is renamed in the geodatabase.
  • Shapefiles accessed from a folder connection can be renamed. All files associated with the dataset are renamed on disk, and the name of the item is updated in the folder.
  • Tasks can only be renamed in Task Designer.
  • Projects cannot be renamed in ArcGIS Pro. However, you can provide a project with a new name by saving a copy of the current project file (.aprx) to a new project file with the desired name. Click the Project tab on the ribbon, and click Save As.

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