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24078: Layer's data source is not supported

Some data sources are not supported when sharing web layers, web maps, and web scenes. You have referenced one of these unsupported data sources in your map or scene.


  • Do nothing. The layer will be dropped from the web layer, web map, or web scene and the sharing process will continue.
  • Replace the unsupported data source with a supported database feature class.

More information

This warning is commonly triggered by the following layer types:

  • Service layers—Although triggered by any service layer, this is most commonly triggered by a basemap layer when sharing an entire map as a web layer. In this case, do nothing; the basemap layer will be dropped and your local data will be shared without issue.
  • CAD layers—To successfully share CAD data, the data must be converted to feature classes first. For more information, see Converting CAD data to feature classes.