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Additional layers and capabilities

When sharing to ArcGIS Enterprise, you can enable additional layers and capabilities. Enabling some of these creates additional items in your portal content; others only turn on functionality available through the service. Some capabilities require a specific layer or data source to be present in your map; if the required layer or data is not present, the check box will be hidden.

When sharing to a federated server that has a server object extension (SOE) or server object interceptor (SOI), that capability is available. You must select the federated server with the SOE or SOI to see the capability listed. ArcGIS Server manager should be used to update the order of SOI execution after the web layer has been shared.

Linear referencing

Linear referencing is supported when sharing networks and event layers to be used in ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing for Server, Esri Roads and Highways for Server, and Roadway Reporter. They can be used to do the following:

  • Convert routes and measures to coordinates or polylines and coordinate locations to routes and measures.
  • Validate route and measure values.
  • Convert measures from one LRM to another.

Network analysis

Network analysis is supported when sharing a network analysis layer. Network analysis services provide the ability to perform transportation network analysis operations including the following:

  • Service Area
  • Route
  • Closest Facility
  • Location-Allocation
  • Origin-Destination Cost Matrix

Enabling network analysis creates a network analysis service item in your content.

Version management

Version management is supported when sharing branch versioned datasets. Version management provides the ability to create and administer versions and edit branch versioned datasets through the associated feature layer. Without version management, you cannot switch versions, undo or redo edits, or discard all edits—only simple editing is available. Version management requires the following:

  • The map image layer must reference registered data.
  • An associated feature layer must be included.
  • The registered workspace referenced by the map image layer must be set to branch in the database connection.


If an open source format is needed, you can include a WMS layer. Enabling WMS creates a WMS layer item in your content. WMS cannot be configured during the sharing process. For more information on modifying WMS properties, see Accessing WMS service properties in Manager.