ArcGIS Pro 2.2 API Reference Guide
ArcGIS Pro 2.2 API Reference Guide
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 ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET
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Extend ArcGIS Pro with the ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET using the add-in extensibility pattern (first introduced at 10.0). Leverage modern .NET features and patterns such as Task Asynchronous Programming (TAP), LINQ, WPF Binding, and MVVM to write integrated 2D/3D add-ins using Pro’s new APIs.

 What is new
What's New for Developers at 2.2

The requirements for the machine on which you develop your ArcGIS Pro add-ins are listed here.


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The ArcGIS Pro APIs are managed .NET assemblies. Intermediary assemblies containing .NET metadata or PIAs (Primary Interop Assemblies) are not required.

Add any of the ArcGIS Pro managed assemblies that comprise its API as references directly in your Visual Studio add-in projects. 

A complete list of the ArcGIS Pro assemblies constituting the public API is provided below:


Core assemblies are located within the {ArcGIS Pro Installation folder}\bin.

Assembly Description
ArcGIS.Core.dll Provides CIM, Geodatabase, Geometry and Utility Network APIs.
ArcGIS.CoreHost.dll Provides Host.Initialize to initialize ArcGIS.Core.dll for stand-alone use.
ArcGIS.Desktop.Framework.dll Provides the application framework to include add-in contracts, DAML support, and base classes. This assembly must be referenced by every add-in.

Major subsystems within ArcGIS Pro are organized into units called extensions. Extension assemblies are located within the {ArcGIS Pro Installation folder}\bin\Extensions folder in their own individual subfolder. Extension subfolder names are logically named for the unit of functionality they represent. For example, Mapping, Editing, Layout, and so on.

Assembly Description
ArcGIS.Desktop.Catalog.dll Provides access to project content items (map items, layout items, style items, folder items, and so on).
ArcGIS.Desktop.Core.dll Provides functionality to create and manage projects, access to events associated with the current project, and the ability to execute geoprocessing tools.
ArcGIS.Desktop.DataReviewer.dll Provides functionality to establish and manage Reviewer Results, Sessions and Batch Jobs in a project.
ArcGIS.Desktop.Editing.dll Provides access to the editing environment and core editing functionality required for custom edit tool implementations.
ArcGIS.Desktop.Extensions.dll Provides extension methods for other ArcGIS Pro classes. Provides a base class for custom map tools.
ArcGIS.Desktop.Geoprocessing.dll Provides access to geoprocessing history items stored in the project. (Note: Adds a reference to ArcGIS.Desktop.Core.dll to execute geoprocessing tools.)
ArcGIS.Desktop.Layouts.dll Provides functionality for manipulating elements on a layout and exporting to a variety of image formats.
ArcGIS.Desktop.Mapping.dll Provides types to create maps and layers, label features, perform query operations, and visualize them in 2D or 3D. Provides a raster API to create raster layers and customize raster rendering, and an API to manage styles, style items, and symbols.
ArcGIS.Desktop.TaskAssistant.dll Provides the Tasks framework, allowing developers to access, open, close, or export task items.
ArcGIS.Desktop.Workflow.dll Provides functionality to create, configure, and execute Workflow Manager jobs and queries. Provides functionality to retrieve configuration information from the Workflow Manager database.
 Extensions with no public API

There are extension assemblies in {ArcGIS Pro Installation folder}\bin\Extensions subfolders) that do not have a public API. They are currently for Esri internal use only.

  • ArcGIS.Desktop.Analyst3D.dll
  • ArcGIS.Desktop.Aviation.dll
  • ArcGIS.Desktop.BusinessAnalyst.Common.dll
  • ArcGIS.Desktop.BusinessAnalyst.DataBrowser.dll
  • ArcGIS.Desktop.BusinessAnalyst.DataCollection.dll
  • ArcGIS.Desktop.BusinessAnalyst.dll
  • ArcGIS.Desktop.BusinessAnalyst.GPControls.dll
  • ArcGIS.Desktop.BusinessAnalyst.MvvmUtils.dll
  • ArcGIS.Desktop.BusinessAnalyst.WpfCommon.dll
  • ArcGIS.Desktop.Charts.dll
  • ArcGIS.Desktop.DataSourcesRaster.dll
  • ArcGIS.Desktop.DefenseMapping.dll
  • ArcGIS.Desktop.Editing.PushPull.dll
  • ArcGIS.Desktop.FullMotionVideo.dll
  • ArcGIS.Desktop.GAWizard.dll
  • ArcGIS.Desktop.Geostatistics.dll
  • ArcGIS.Desktop.LocationReferencing.dll
  • ArcGIS.Desktop.Metadata.dll
  • ArcGIS.Desktop.NetworkAnalysis.Facility.dll
  • ArcGIS.Desktop.NetworkAnalysis.NetworkDiagrams.dll
  • ArcGIS.Desktop.NetworkAnalysis.Transportation.dll
  • ArcGIS.Desktop.Search.dll
  • ArcGIS.Desktop.Sharing.dll
  • ArcGIS.Desktop.TerritoryDesign.dll

Note: Static string resource properties and image resources included within the public API assemblies are for Esri internal use only. They are not intended for use in 3rd party Add-ins.

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