ArcGIS Pro 2.0 API Reference Guide
ArcGIS.Core.CIM Namespace (ArcGIS.Core)
Inheritance Hierarchy
This namespace contains types used for the Cartographic Information Model.
ClassCIM3DLayerProperties Represents 3D layer properties which contain properties used for 3D draw.
ClassCIM3DSymbolProperties Represents 3D symbol properties, a collection of symbol properties that apply when the symbol is used in a 3D context.
ClassCIMActivity Represents activity.
ClassCIMAGSServiceConnection Represents an ArcGIS Server service connection.
ClassCIMAltitudeParams Represents altitude parameters.
ClassCIMAngleFormat Represents an angle format.
ClassCIMAnimationScreenGraphic Represents a graphic and list of keyframes indicating properties that can be changed during the animation.
ClassCIMAnimationScreenGraphicKeyframe Properties defining the graphic at a single point in time for the animation.
ClassCIMAnnotationLayer Represents an annotation layer used to draw annotation feature classes.
ClassCIMAnnotationSubLayer Represents an annotation sublayer used to draw annotation feature classes subclasses.
ClassCIMAttachmentsMediaInfo Represents attachment media info.
ClassCIMAttributeCondition Represents an attribute condition.
ClassCIMAutoCamera Represents the camera settings associated with a map frame on a page layout.
ClassCIMAuxiliaryRasterProperties Represents auxiliary raster properties.
ClassCIMBackgroundCallout Represents a background callout which draws a callout with an optional polygon background and leader line.
ClassCIMBalloonCallout Represents a balloon callout. Balloon callouts are a filled background that is placed behind text. They may or may not have a leader line connecting the callout to an anchor point.
ClassCIMBarChartMarker Represents a bar chart marker, a chart made of vertical bars displaying values.
ClassCIMBarChartMediaInfo Represents bar chart media info.
ClassCIMBaseLayer Represents the base layer class.
ClassCIMBasicFeatureLayer Represents a basic feature layer, the base class for all layer types that draw feature classes as features.
ClassCIMBasicFeatureTemplate Represents a basic feature template.
ClassCIMBinaryReference Represents a binary reference in a document.
ClassCIMBindVariable Represents a bind variable.
ClassCIMBookmark Represents a spatial bookmark.
ClassCIMCallout Represents a callout.
ClassCIMCGAAttribute Represents a CGA attribute, the symbol attribute as specified by the CGA code in the rule package.
ClassCIMCharacterMarker Represents a character marker.
ClassCIMChartMarker Represents a chart marker, a marker used to display a chart.
ClassCIMChartMediaInfo Represents chart media info.
ClassCIMChartPart Represents a chart part, individual components of the chart marker.
ClassCIMChartRenderer Represents chart renderer which contains properties common to all symbolizers that depict some feature value as a chart drawn on top of the feature itself.
ClassCIMClassBreak Represents a class break.
ClassCIMClassBreaksRenderer Represents a class break renderer.
ClassCIMClassBreaksRendererBase The base class for class breaks renderer types.
ClassCIMClippingPath Represents a vector marker clipping path.
ClassCIMCMYKColor Represents a color in the CMYK color model.
ClassCIMColor Supports colors in the CIM model by providing low level access to properties common amongst all color types.
ClassCIMColorModulationInfo Indicates whether modulation should be used to render the point. Low modulation values will darken the point color.
ClassCIMColorRamp Supports color ramp schemes in the CIM model by providing low level access to properties common amongst all color ramp types.
ClassCIMColorSpace Supports colors spaces by providing a common base type for all color spaces.
ClassCIMColorSubstitution Represents color substitution, an ordered list of color substitutes.
ClassCIMColorVisualVariable Represents a color visual variable.
ClassCIMColumnChartMediaInfo Represents column chart media info.
ClassCIMCompositeSubLayer Represents a composite sublayer.
ClassCIMCondition Represents a condition.
ClassCIMContinuousColorRamp Supports continuous color ramp schemes by providing low level access to properties common amongst all continuous color ramp types.
ClassCIMCurrencyFormat Represents a currency format.
ClassCIMCustomNumberFormat Represents a custom number format.
ClassCIMDataConnection Represents a data connection.
ClassCIMDatumTransform Represents a datum transform.
ClassCIMDefinition Represents the base class for definitions.
ClassCIMDictionaryRenderer Represents a dictionary renderer where symbols are drawn from a symbol dictionary.
ClassCIMDimensionLayer Represents an dimension layer used to draw dimension feature classes.
ClassCIMDimensionStyle Represents an dimension style which defines dimension appearance.
ClassCIMDirectionFormat Represents a direction format.
ClassCIMDiscreteVariable Represents a single bind variable.
ClassCIMDisplayFilter Represents a display filter used to restrict the display of features across scale ranges.
ClassCIMDisplayTable Represents a display table
ClassCIMDocumentInfo Represents high level information for a document.
ClassCIMDotDensityRenderer Represents a dot density renderer.
ClassCIMDoubleFillScaleBar Represents a double filled alternating scale bar
ClassCIMDynamicServiceCompositeSubLayer Represents a dynamic service composite sublayer.
ClassCIMDynamicServiceLayer Represents a dynamic service layer.
ClassCIMDynamicServiceSubLayer Represents a dynamic service sublayer.
ClassCIMEditingTemplate Represents an editing template.
ClassCIMEditingTemplateRelationship Represents an editing template relationship.
ClassCIMElement A CIM representation of an element.
ClassCIMElevationSource Represents an elevation source.
ClassCIMExpressionInfo Represents the properties required for authoring an Arcade expression
ClassCIMExtentIndicator Represents an extent indicator which is used to display the visible extent of other map frames in an associated map frame.
ClassCIMExteriorTick Class that represents an exterior tick for a grid.
ClassCIMExternalTableView Represents an external table view.
ClassCIMFeatureDatasetDataConnection Represents a feature dataset data connection.
ClassCIMFeatureExtrusion Represents feature extrusion.
ClassCIMFeatureHyperlink Represents feature hyperlink.
ClassCIMFeatureLayer Represents feature layer used to draw data from feature classes.
ClassCIMFeatureMosaicSubLayer Represents mosiac feature sub layer.
ClassCIMFeatureTable Represents a feature table.
ClassCIMFeatureTemplate Represents a feature template.
ClassCIMFieldDescription Represents a field description.
ClassCIMFill Represents a fill which defines how the polygonal geometry is drawn.
ClassCIMFixedColorRamp Represents a color scheme composed of discrete colors
ClassCIMFolderConnection Represents a folder connection.
ClassCIMFractionFormat Represents a fraction format.
ClassCIMFrameElement Represents the frame that is associated with some element types (for example, map frame, legends and so on).
ClassCIMGADataConnection Represents GA data connection.
ClassCIMGAIsoRenderer Represents GA iso renderer.
ClassCIMGALayer Represents the GA layer.
ClassCIMGAMethod Represents the GA method.
ClassCIMGeneralPlacementProperties Represents general placement properties. This is base class for general placement properties for each label engine.
ClassCIMGenericView Represents a generic view.
ClassCIMGeoFeatureLayerBase Represents geo feature layer base, a base class for geo feature layers.
ClassCIMGeometricEffect Represents a geometric effect, this is base class for all geometric effects.
ClassCIMGeometricEffectAddControlPoints Represents the add control points geometric effect.
ClassCIMGeometricEffectArrow Represents the arrow geometric effect which creates a dynamic line along a line feature with an arrow of a specified style and width.
ClassCIMGeometricEffectBuffer Represents the buffer geometric effect which creates a dynamic polygon with a specified distance around features.
ClassCIMGeometricEffectCut Represents the cut geometric effect which creates a dynamic line that is shorter on one or both ends than the line feature or polygon outline.
ClassCIMGeometricEffectDashes Represents the dashes geometric effect which creates a dynamic multipart line geometry from a line feature or the outline of a polygon based on a template.
ClassCIMGeometricEffectDonut Represents the donut geometric effect which creates a dynamic polygon ring of a specified width in relation to the outline of polygon features.
ClassCIMGeometricEffectEnclosingPolygon Represents the enclosing polygon geometric effect which creates a dynamic polygon from the spatial extent of a line or polygon feature.
ClassCIMGeometricEffectExtension Represents the extension geometric effect which creates a dynamic line that is extended from either the beginning or the end of the line feature at a specified deflection angle and length.
ClassCIMGeometricEffectJog Represents the jog geometric effect which creates a dynamic line with a jog of a specified angle, position, and width in the line.
ClassCIMGeometricEffectMove Represents the move geometric effect which creates a point, line or polygon that is offset a specified distance in X and Y.
ClassCIMGeometricEffectOffset Represents the offset geometric effect which creates a dynamic line or polygon offset at a specified distance perpendicularly from a feature.
ClassCIMGeometricEffectOffsetTangent Represents the offset tangent geometric effect which creates a dynamic line along a line feature offset in the direction defined by either the beginning or the end of the line.
ClassCIMGeometricEffectRadial Represents the radial geometric effect which creates a dynamic line of a specified length and angle originating from a point feature.
ClassCIMGeometricEffectRegularPolygon Represents the regular polygon geometric effect which creates a dynamic polygon around a point feature with a specified number of edges. All edges are equal in length and all angles are equal.
ClassCIMGeometricEffectReverse Represents the reversegeometric effect which creates a dynamic polygon around a point feature with a specified number of edges. All edges are equal in length and all angles are equal.
ClassCIMGeometricEffectRotate Represents the rotate geometric effect which creates a dynamic line or polygon rotated a specified angle from the feature.
ClassCIMGeometricEffectScale Represents the rotate geometric effect which creates a dynamic line or polygon scaled by a specified factor. Vertices are moved in relation to the center point of a feature envelope. Values greater than 1 move vertices away from the center point. Values between 0 and 1 move vertices toward the center point. Values less than 0 draw an inverse dynamic line or polygon where the vertices have crossed to the other side of the center point.
ClassCIMGeometricEffectSuppress Represents the supress geometric effect which creates a dynamic line that hides sections of a stroke between pairs control points.
ClassCIMGeometricEffectTaperedPolygon Represents the tapered polygon geometric effect which creates a dynamic polygon along a line feature, whose width varies by two specified amounts along its length, as defined by a percentage of the line feature's length.
ClassCIMGeometricEffectWave Represents the wave geometric effect which creates a dynamic line or polygon along a feature with a repeating wave pattern.
ClassCIMGeometryLocationCondition Represents geometry location condition.
ClassCIMGISProject Represents a project.
ClassCIMGlobeServiceLayer Represents a globe service layer.
ClassCIMGradientFill Represents a gradient fill which fills polygonal geometry with a specified color scheme.
ClassCIMGradientStroke Represents a gradient stroke which draws linear geometry with a specified color scheme.
ClassCIMGraphic Represents a graphic.
ClassCIMGraphicElement Represents the CIM representation of an element on a page layout.
ClassCIMGraphicFrame Represents a graphic frame.
ClassCIMGraticule Represents a graticule for a map frame.
ClassCIMGrayColor Represents a grayscale color defined by lightness
ClassCIMGridEndpoint Represents an end point of a component. For ex: The labels for ticks are defined using an endPoint object.
ClassCIMGridLabelTemplate Represents the formatting of a label.
ClassCIMGridLine Represents latitudes or longitudes for a graticule. Represents eastings or nothings for a grid.
ClassCIMGridPattern Defines pattern for a component.
ClassCIMGroupEditingTemplate Represents a group editing template.
ClassCIMGroupEditingTemplatePart Represents a group editing template part.
ClassCIMGroupElement Represents a collection of layout elements in a group element.
ClassCIMGroupLayer Represents a group layer which is a simple ordered collection of other layers.
ClassCIMGuide Represents a guide used to snap elements on a page layout.
ClassCIMHatchFill Represents a hatch fill which fills polygonal geometry with a uniform series of parallel line symbols.
ClassCIMHeatMapRenderer Represents a heat map renderer. The Heat Map Renderer draws point features as a continuous /// color gradient representing the density of the points. The resulting /// density surface represents the physical proximity between points, /// optionally weighted by a specified attribute value. The displayed /// raster surface is dynamic and morphs according to the zoom level /// and updates if the source point features are edited.
ClassCIMHighlightActivity Represents a highlight activity.
ClassCIMHorizontalBarLegendItem Represents a horizontal bar legend item.
ClassCIMHorizontalLegendItem Represents a horizontal legend item.
ClassCIMHSLColor Represents a color defined by hue, saturation, and lightness.
ClassCIMHSVColor Represents a color defined by hue, saturation, and brightness (value).
ClassCIMHtmlPopupFormat Represents an HTML popup format.
ClassCIMICCColorSpace Represents a color space defined by an International Color Consortium (ICC) color profile.
ClassCIMIlluminationProperties Represents illumination properties.
ClassCIMImageMediaInfo Represents image media info.
ClassCIMImageMosaicSubLayer Represents an image mosaic sublayer.
ClassCIMImageServiceLayer Represents an image service layer corresponding to an ArcGIS Server image service.
ClassCIMInkGraphic Represents an ink graphic.
ClassCIMInMemoryDatasetDataConnection Represents an in-memory dataset data connection
ClassCIMInMemoryWorkspaceDataConnection Represents an in-memory workspace data connection
ClassCIMInteriorTick Class that represents an interior tick for a grid.
ClassCIMInternetServerConnection Represents an internet server connection.
ClassCIMInternetServerConnectionBase Represents the internet server connection base class.
ClassCIMKeyframeCamera Represents a camera keyframe.
ClassCIMKeyframeLayer Represents a layer keyframe.
ClassCIMKeyframeRange Represents a range keyframe.
ClassCIMKeyframeTime Represents a time keyframe.
ClassCIMKMLDataConnection Represents a KML data connection.
ClassCIMKMLLayer Represents a KML layer.
ClassCIMLABColor Represents a color defined in the LAB color space.
ClassCIMLabelClass Represents a label class which describes how to generate a set of text labels from a group of features in a feature layer.
ClassCIMLabelClassProperties Represents label class properties.
ClassCIMLabelPlacementProperties Represents label placement properties.
ClassCIMLASDatasetLayer Represents a LAS dataset layer.
ClassCIMLASPointElevationRenderer Represents a LAS point elevation renderer.
ClassCIMLASPointSplatter Represents a LAS point splatter.
ClassCIMLASStretchClass Represents a LAS stretch class.
ClassCIMLASStretchInput Represents LAS stretch input.
ClassCIMLASStretchRenderer Represents a LAS stretch renderer.
ClassCIMLASUniqueValueRenderer Represents a LAS unique value renderer.
ClassCIMLatLonFormat Represents a lat lon format.
ClassCIMLayerAction Represents a layer action
ClassCIMLayerDocument Represents a layer document which is the document type used for saving .lyrx files.
ClassCIMLayerElevationSurface Represents a layer elevation surface.
ClassCIMLayerRange Represents a layer range.
ClassCIMLayerTemplate Represents a layer template.
ClassCIMLayout Represents a layout in a project.
ClassCIMLayoutDocument Represents a layout document which is the document type used for saving .pagx files.
ClassCIMLayoutView Represents a layout view in the project.
ClassCIMLeader Represents the generic base type for leaders.
ClassCIMLeaderLine Represents a leader line.
ClassCIMLeaderPoint Represents a leader point.
ClassCIMLegend Represents a legend on a layout.
ClassCIMLegendItem Represents a legend item.
ClassCIMLinearContinuousColorRamp Represents a linear continuous color ramp scheme.
ClassCIMLineCallout Represents a line callout.
ClassCIMLineChartMediaInfo Represents line chart media info.
ClassCIMLineGraphic Represents a line graphic.
ClassCIMLineSymbol Represents a line symbol which is used to draw polyline features or graphics.
ClassCIMLocationCondition Represents a location condition.
ClassCIMLocator Represents properties of locator for the map.
ClassCIMMap Represents a map or scene.
ClassCIMMapDocument Represents a map document which is the document type used for saving .mapx files.
ClassCIMMapElevationSurface Represents a map elevation surface.
ClassCIMMapFrame Represents a map frame on a page layout.
ClassCIMMapGrid Represents a grid object for a map frame.
ClassCIMMaplexDictionary Represents a Maplex dictionary.
ClassCIMMaplexDictionaryEntry Represents a Maplex dictionary entry.
ClassCIMMaplexExternalZonePriorities Represents Maplex external zone priorities.
ClassCIMMaplexGeneralPlacementProperties Represents Maplex general placement properties.
ClassCIMMaplexInternalZonePriorities Represents Maplex internal zone priorities.
ClassCIMMaplexKeyNumberGroup Represents a Maplex key number group.
ClassCIMMaplexLabelPlacementProperties Represents Maplex label placement properties.
ClassCIMMaplexLabelStackingProperties Represents Maplex label stacking properties.
ClassCIMMaplexOffsetAlongLineProperties Represents Maplex offset along the line properties.
ClassCIMMaplexRotationProperties Represents Maplex rotation properties.
ClassCIMMaplexStackingSeparator Represents a Maplex stacking separator.
ClassCIMMaplexStrategyPriorities Represents Maplex strategy priorities.
ClassCIMMapSeries The Map series object represents a means to create multi-page PDF or based off of fields in the index layer.
ClassCIMMapStereoProperties Represents map stereo properties.
ClassCIMMapSurround Represents a map surround on a page layout.
ClassCIMMapTableView Represents a map table view in the project.
ClassCIMMapTimeDisplay Represents map time display.
ClassCIMMapView Represents a map view in the project.
ClassCIMMarker Represents a marker which is a self-contained shape or image that can draw for a point graphic or placed in a repeating arrangement along a stroke or within a fill. It can be a glyph from a font, a picture, a collection of vector geometries, or a 3D model.
ClassCIMMarkerFillPlacement Represents a marker fill placement.
ClassCIMMarkerGraphic Represents a marker graphic which is used to define vector graphics in a vector marker.
ClassCIMMarkerNorthArrow Represents a marker north arrow on a page layout.
ClassCIMMarkerPlacement Represents a marker placement.
ClassCIMMarkerPlacementAlongLine Represents marker placement along the line which defines how a marker is placed along a line or polygon outline.
ClassCIMMarkerPlacementAlongLineRandomSize Represents marker placement along the line which places randomly sized markers evenly along a line or polygon outline.
ClassCIMMarkerPlacementAlongLineSameSize Represents marker placement along the line which places markers that are the same size evenly along a line or polygon outline.
ClassCIMMarkerPlacementAlongLineVariableSize Represents marker placement along the line which places markers in either increasing, decreasing or alternating gradations along a line or polygon outline.
ClassCIMMarkerPlacementAtExtremities Represents marker placement at extremities which places markers at only one or both endpoints of a line.
ClassCIMMarkerPlacementAtRatioPositions Represents marker placement at ratio positions which places a set number of markers along the line or the outline of a polygon.
ClassCIMMarkerPlacementInsidePolygon Represents marker placement inside a polygon which defines how a polygon is filled with a pattern of markers.
ClassCIMMarkerPlacementOnLine Represents a marker placement on the line.
ClassCIMMarkerPlacementOnVertices Represents a marker placement on vertices which places a single marker on a line or polygon outline at a set distance from the middle or one of the endpoints.
ClassCIMMarkerPlacementPolygonCenter Represents marker placement polygon center which defines how a single marker will be placed within the polygon.
ClassCIMMarkerStrokePlacement Represents a marker stroke placement.
ClassCIMMaterialProperties Represents material properties.
ClassCIMMaterialSymbolLayer Represents a material which defines how the multipatch or mesh is drawn.
ClassCIMMeasuredGrid Represents a measured grid of the mapFrame.
ClassCIMMediaInfo Represents media info.
ClassCIMMeshSymbol Represents a mesh symbol which is used to draw multipatch features or mesh features.
ClassCIMModuleSettings Represents module settings in the project.
ClassCIMMosaicLayer Represents a mosaic layer corresponding to a mosaic dataset.
ClassCIMMosaicRule Represents a mosaic rule.
ClassCIMMultiLayerSymbol Represents a multilayer symbol, a generic type for point, line, and polygon symbols, specifying that they can contain more than one symbol layers.
ClassCIMMultipartColorRamp Represents a multipart color ramp scheme
ClassCIMMultipatchFeatureTemplate Represents a multipatch feature template.
ClassCIMMultipatchFeatureTemplateModel Represents a multipatch feature template model.
ClassCIMMultiPatchGraphic Represents a shape graphic with a MultiPatch geometry.
ClassCIMMultipointGraphic Represents a shape graphic with a Multipoint geometry.
ClassCIMNALayer Represents a network analysis layer.
ClassCIMNestedLegendItem Represents a nested legend item in a legend.
ClassCIMNetCDFRasterDataConnection Represents a NetCDF raster data connection.
ClassCIMNetCDFStandardDataConnection Represents a NetCDF standard data connection.
ClassCIMNetworkDatasetElementCompositeRenderer Represents a network dataset element composite renderer.
ClassCIMNetworkDatasetLayer Represents a network dataset layer.
ClassCIMNetworkDatasetRenderer Represents a network dataset renderer.
ClassCIMNetworkDatasetSimpleRenderer Represents a network dataset simple renderer.
ClassCIMNetworkDatasetTrafficRenderer Represents a network dataset traffic renderer.
ClassCIMNetworkSourceDisplayFilter Represents a network source display filter.
ClassCIMNorthArrow Represents a north arrow on a page layout.
ClassCIMNumberFormat Represents a number format.
ClassCIMNumericFormat Represents a numeric format.
ClassCIMNumericFormatBase Represents the numeric format base class.
ClassCIMObject Represents the base CIM object class.
ClassCIMObjectMarker3D Represents a marker symbol for 3D objects.
ClassCIMOrthoRectification Represents orthorectification properties.
ClassCIMPage Represents the page information associated with a layout.
ClassCIMPageDefinition Represents page definition.
ClassCIMPansharpeningFilter Represents a pansharpening filter.
ClassCIMParagraphTextGraphic Represents a paragraph text graphic.
ClassCIMParcelFabricLayer Represents a parcel fabric layer.
ClassCIMPercentageFormat Represents a percentage format.
ClassCIMPictureFill Represents a picture fill which fills polygonal geometry with a picture. Supported file types are .bmp, .jpg, .png, and .gif.
ClassCIMPictureGraphic Represents a picture graphic.
ClassCIMPictureMarker Represents a picture marker created from a raster (bitmapped) image file. The image can have color substitutions to replace one or more colors in the image or it can have a tint applied to the whole image depending on the picture type. Supported formats are .bmp, .jpg, .png, and .gif.
ClassCIMPictureStroke Represents a picture stroke which draws linear geometry with a repeating image file. Supported file types are .bmp, .jpg, .png, and .gif.
ClassCIMPieChartMarker Represents a pie chart marker which is a marker that draws numeric values arranged in a circle.
ClassCIMPieChartMediaInfo Represents pie chart media info.
ClassCIMPointCloudBitFieldFilter Represents a point cloud bit field filter. Filters based on the bit-wise representation of the provided field. /// For a point to be retained, its attribute field bits must match /// BitsToSet and BitsToClear. Bits which are not explicitly clear nor /// set, are ignored.
ClassCIMPointGraphic Represents a point graphic.
ClassCIMPointSymbol Represents a point symbol used to draw point features and point graphics.
ClassCIMPointSymbolCallout Represents a point symbol callout which draws a point symbol as the background and a line symbol for leaders. Often used for highway shields.
ClassCIMPolarContinuousColorRamp Represents a polar continuous color ramp scheme.
ClassCIMPolygonGraphic Represents a polygon graphic.
ClassCIMPolygonSymbol Represents a polygon symbol which is used to draw polygon features or polygon graphics.
ClassCIMPopupInfo Represents popup info.
ClassCIMPrimitiveOverride Represents a primative override.
ClassCIMPrinterPreferences Represents the printer preferences associated with a layout.
ClassCIMProceduralSymbolLayer Represents a procedural symbol layer which defines rendering using script-based logic to construct complex 3D objects and textures from simple geometries. Properties of the symbol are derived from a rule package (.rpk file).
ClassCIMProjectItem Represents an item in the project.
ClassCIMProjectServerConnection Represents a project server connection.
ClassCIMProportionalPieSizeOptions Represents proportional pie size options.
ClassCIMProportionalRenderer Represents a proportional renderer.
ClassCIMRandomHSVColorRamp Represents a random HSV color ramp scheme
ClassCIMRange Represents a range.
ClassCIMRangeDefinition Represents a range definition.
ClassCIMRangeVariable Represents a range variable.
ClassCIMRasterBandDataConnection Represents a raster band data connection.
ClassCIMRasterClassBreak Represents a raster class break.
ClassCIMRasterClassifyColorizer Represents a raster classify colorizer.
ClassCIMRasterCMYKColorizer Represents a raster CMYK colorizer.
ClassCIMRasterColorCorrection Represents a raster color correction configuration.
ClassCIMRasterColorizer Represents a raster colorizer.
ClassCIMRasterColorizerMapping Represents a raster colorizer mapping.
ClassCIMRasterColorMapColorizer Represents a raster color map colorizer.
ClassCIMRasterDiscreteColorColorizer Represents a raster discrete color colorizer.
ClassCIMRasterLayer Represents a raster layer which displays raster imagery stored in a raster dataset.
ClassCIMRasterRGBColorizer Represents a raster RGB colorizer.
ClassCIMRasterStretchClass Represents a raster stretch class.
ClassCIMRasterStretchColorizer Represents a raster stretch colorizer.
ClassCIMRasterTable Represents a raster table.
ClassCIMRasterUniqueValueClass Represents a raster unique value class.
ClassCIMRasterUniqueValueColorizer Represents a raster unique value colorizer.
ClassCIMRasterUniqueValueGroup Represents a raster unique value group.
ClassCIMRasterVectorFieldColorizer Represents a raster vector field colorizer.
ClassCIMRateFormat Represents a rate format.
ClassCIMRelateInfo Represents relate info.
ClassCIMRelateInfoBase Represents relate base.
ClassCIMRelQueryTableDataConnection Represents a RelQuery table data connection.
ClassCIMRenderer Represents a renderer.
ClassCIMRenderingRule Represents a raster rendering rule.
ClassCIMRepresentationRenderer Represents a representation renderer.
ClassCIMRGBColor Represents a color in the RGB color model.
ClassCIMRotationVisualVariable Represents a rotation visual variable.
ClassCIMRouteEventDataConnection Represents a route event data connection.
ClassCIMRuleSymbolLayerNames Represents rule symbol layer names.
ClassCIMScale Represents a 2D scale or 3D Distance.
ClassCIMScaleBar Represents a scale bar on a page layout.
ClassCIMScaleDependentSizeVariation Represents the scale dependent size variations for a symbol reference.
ClassCIMScaleFormat Represents the scale formatting options.
ClassCIMScaleLine Represents a Scale line on a page layout.
ClassCIMSceneDataConnection Represents a scene data connection.
ClassCIMSceneServiceLayer Represents a scene service layer.
ClassCIMScientificNumberFormat Represents scientific number format.
ClassCIMServerConnection Represents a server connection.
ClassCIMServiceConnection Represents a service connection.
ClassCIMServiceLayer Represents a service layer.
ClassCIMShapeGraphic Represents a shape graphic, the generic base class for geoemtry based graphics.
ClassCIMShapeVertex Represents a shape vertex.
ClassCIMShapeVertices Represents shape vertices.
ClassCIMSimpleGridLabelTemplate Represents a simple format for a label.
ClassCIMSimpleLineCallout Represents a simple line callout for drawing basic leader lines.
ClassCIMSimpleRenderer Represents a simple renderer.
ClassCIMSingleFillScaleBar Represents and single fill scale bar on a page layout.
ClassCIMSizeVisualVariable Represents a size visual variable.
ClassCIMSliderSettings Represents slider settings.
ClassCIMSnappingProperties Represents snapping properties.
ClassCIMSolidFill Represents a solid fill which fills polygonal geometry with a single solid color.
ClassCIMSolidStroke Represents a solid stroke which draws linear geometry with a single solid color.
ClassCIMSpatialMapSeries Spatial Map Series is a means to create a series of map pages based /// off of spatial features.
ClassCIMSpotColor Represents a spot color.
ClassCIMSpotColorSpace Represents a color space for spot colors.
ClassCIMSqlQueryDataConnection Represents a SQL query data connection.
ClassCIMStackedBarChartMarker Represents a stacked bar chart marker which is a chart made of vertical stacked bars displaying values.
ClassCIMStandaloneTable Represents a standalone table.
ClassCIMStandardDataConnection Represents a standard data connection, the most common data connection type.
ClassCIMStandardGeneralPlacementProperties Represents standard label engine general placement properties.
ClassCIMStandardLabelPlacementProperties Represents standard label engine label placement properties.
ClassCIMStandardLineLabelPosition Represents standard label engine line label position.
ClassCIMStandardLineLabelPriorities Represents standard label engine line label priorities.
ClassCIMStandardPointPlacementPriorities Represents standard label engine point placement priorities.
ClassCIMStandardServiceConnection Represents a standard service connection.
ClassCIMStringMap Represents a string map of key value pairs.
ClassCIMStroke Represents a stroke which defines how line geometry or the outline of polygon geometry is drawn.
ClassCIMSubLayer Represents sublayer.
ClassCIMSubLayerBase Represents sublayer base class.
ClassCIMSuppressActivity Represents suppress activity.
ClassCIMSymbol Represents a symbol. A symbol is used to describe how a geometric shape, such as that from a graphic or feature, is displayed.
ClassCIMSymbolIdentifier Represents a symbol identifier.
ClassCIMSymbolLayer Represents a symbol layer. Symbol layers are the components that make up a symbol. A symbol layer is represented by a stroke, fill, marker, or procedural symbol layer.
ClassCIMSymbolLayerDrawing Represents symbol layer drawing properties.
ClassCIMSymbolLayerIdentifier Represents symbol layer identifier.
ClassCIMSymbolLayerMasking Represents symbol layer masking.
ClassCIMSymbolReference Represents a symbol reference.
ClassCIMTableMediaInfo Represents table media info.
ClassCIMTableQueryNameDataConnection Represents a table query name data connection.
ClassCIMTableView Represents a table view in the project.
ClassCIMTemporalDataConnection Represents a temporal data connection.
ClassCIMTerrainAttributeRenderer Represents a terrain attribute renderer.
ClassCIMTerrainDirtyAreaRenderer Represents a terrain dirty area renderer.
ClassCIMTerrainLayer Represents a terrain layer.
ClassCIMTerrainPointAttributeGraduatedRenderer Represents a terrain point attribute graduated renderer.
ClassCIMTerrainPointAttributeUniqueRenderer Represents a terrain point attribute unique renderer.
ClassCIMTerrainPointElevationRenderer Represents a terrain point elevation renderer.
ClassCIMTextGraphic Represents a text graphic.
ClassCIMTextGraphicBase Represents a text graphic base class, the generic base class for text based graphics.
ClassCIMTextMargin Represents a text margin which defines the margin to apply around text.
ClassCIMTextMediaInfo Represents text media info.
ClassCIMTextSymbol Represents a text symbol which is used to draw text graphics, bleeds, and annotation. Text symbols do not contain any symbol layers but can have callouts.
ClassCIMTick Represents a tick of a grid.
ClassCIMTiledServiceLayer Represents a tiled service layer.
ClassCIMTimeDataDefinition Represents a time data definition.
ClassCIMTimeDimensionDefinition Represents a time dimension definition.
ClassCIMTimeDisplayDefinition Represents a time display definition.
ClassCIMTimeTableDefinition Represents a time table definition.
ClassCIMTinBreaklineRenderer Represents a TIN breakline renderer.
ClassCIMTinColorRampRenderer Represents a TIN color ramp renderer.
ClassCIMTinContourRenderer Represents a TIN contour renderer.
ClassCIMTinEdgeRenderer Represents a TIN edge renderer.
ClassCIMTinFaceClassBreaksRenderer Represents a TIN face class breaks renderer.
ClassCIMTinFaceRenderer Represents a TIN face renderer.
ClassCIMTinFaceValueRenderer Represents a TIN face value renderer.
ClassCIMTinLayer Represents a TIN layer which displays TIN data sources, a data structure that represents terrain data as a triangulated irregular network.
ClassCIMTinNodeElevationRenderer Represents a TIN node elevation renderer.
ClassCIMTinNodeRenderer Represents a TIN node renderer.
ClassCIMTinNodeValueRenderer Represents a TIN node value renderer.
ClassCIMTinRenderer Represents a TIN renderer.
ClassCIMTinSimpleRenderer Represents a TIN simple renderer.
ClassCIMTinUniqueValueRenderer Represents a TIN unique value renderer
ClassCIMTopologyLayer Represents a topology dataset as a layer and draws its errors, exceptions, and areas in need of validation.
ClassCIMTrackingServerDataConnection Represents a tracking server data connection.
ClassCIMTransparencyVisualVariable Represents a transparency visual variable.
ClassCIMUniqueValue Represents a unique value.
ClassCIMUniqueValueClass Represents a unique value class.
ClassCIMUniqueValueGroup Represents a unique value group.
ClassCIMUniqueValueRenderer Represents a unique value renderer.
ClassCIMUnitSymbolization Represents unit symbolization.
ClassCIMValidationRule Represents validation rule that can be configured for a layer or standalone table to find features/rows that violates specified validation constraints.
ClassCIMVectorMarker Represents a vector marker which can represent vector graphics. It's constructed from MarkerGraphics which are geometries and symbols used as building blocks for the marker.
ClassCIMVectorTileDataConnection Represents a VectorTile layer data connection.
ClassCIMVectorTileLayer Represents a VectorTile layer.
ClassCIMVersion Represents a version object used for representing the saved version.
ClassCIMVerticalLegendItem Represents a vertical legend item in a legend.
ClassCIMView Represents a view in the project.
ClassCIMViewCamera Represents a view camera.
ClassCIMViewKeyframe Represents a view keyframe.
ClassCIMViewTrack Represents a animation view track.
ClassCIMVisualVariable Represents a visual variable.
ClassCIMVisualVariableAuthoringInfo Represents visual variable metadata used for authoring.
ClassCIMVisualVariableInfo Represents visual variable info.
ClassCIMWCSServiceConnection Represents a WCS service connection.
ClassCIMWFSServiceConnection Represents a WFS service connection.
ClassCIMWMSServiceConnection Represents a WMS service connection.
ClassCIMWMSSubLayer Represents a WMS service sublayer.
ClassCIMWMTSServiceConnection Represents a WMTS service connection.
ClassCIMWorkspaceConnection Represents a workspace connection.
ClassCIMXYEventDataConnection Represents an XY event data connection.
ClassCIMXYZColor Represents a color in the XYZ color model.
ClassLasFilter Las filter.
ClassNAAgent This class is reserved for esri internal use only.
ClassNAAgentDefinition This class is reserved for esri internal use only.
ClassNAAttributeParameterValue This class is reserved for esri internal use only.
ClassNAClosestFacilitySolver This class is reserved for esri internal use only.
ClassNACompactStreetDirectionsAgent This class is reserved for esri internal use only.
ClassNALocationAllocationSolver This class is reserved for esri internal use only.
ClassNALocator This class is reserved for esri internal use only.
ClassNALocatorAgent This class is reserved for esri internal use only.
ClassNALocatorDefinition Represents a locator definition. This class is reserved for esri internal use only.
ClassNALocatorFeatureAgent This class is reserved for esri internal use only.
ClassNALocatorLocationFieldsAgent This class is reserved for esri internal use only.
ClassNAODCostMatrixSolver This class is reserved for esri internal use only.
ClassNARouteSolver This class is reserved for esri internal use only.
ClassNAServiceAreaSolver Represents a service area solver. This class is reserved for esri internal use only.
ClassNASolverDefinition Represents a solver definition This class is reserved for esri internal use only.
ClassNAStreetDirectionsAgent This class is reserved for esri internal use only.
ClassNAStreetDirectionsAgentDefinition This class is reserved for esri internal use only.
ClassNAVehicleRoutingProblemSolver This class is reserved for esri internal use only.
ClassNetworkTravelMode Represents a network travel mode. This class is reserved for esri internal use only.
ClassNetworkTravelModeParameterValue Represents a network travel mode parameter value. This class is reserved for esri internal use only.
ClassRasterColormap Raster color map.
ClassStatsHistogram Represents a raster statistics and histogram class.
ClassTimeExtent Represents an extent of time defined by a start and end date.
ClassTimeInstant Represents an instant in time. The time has no duration.
ClassTimeReference Represents the time zone definition for a given date and time.
ClassTimeValue Represents the base class for TimeExtent and TimeInstant.
InterfaceICIMBasicFeatureLayer Provides a mechanism for accessing and setting properties of feature layers
EnumerationAltitudeMode Relative to the ground.
EnumerationAnchor A list of anchor positions for an element on a page layout.
EnumerationAngleAlignment Angle alignment types.
EnumerationAnimationTransition Specifies the method of transition for a value in a keyframe.
EnumerationAttachmentDisplayType Attachment display types.
EnumerationAutoCameraSource A list of the advanced map frame options that further controls the camera behavior.
EnumerationAutoCameraType A list of the options available when using a fixed constraint.
EnumerationBalloonCalloutStyle Balloon callout styles.
EnumerationBarrierWeight Barrier weights.
EnumerationBaseElevationType A list of base elevation types.
EnumerationBillboardMode A list of different billboard modes.
EnumerationBindVariableType Bind variable types.
EnumerationBlendingMode Blending modes.
EnumerationBlockProgression Block progressions.
EnumerationCGAAttributeType CGA attribute type.
EnumerationClassBreakType Class break types.
EnumerationClassificationMethod Classification methods.
EnumerationClippingType Clipping types.
EnumerationColorBalanceMethod A list of color balance methods.
EnumerationColorCorrectionStretchType A list of color correction stretch types.
EnumerationColorMatchingMethod A list of color matching methods.
EnumerationColorModel Specifies color model used for maps and layouts.
EnumerationColorSpaceType Specifies color spaces used for colors.
EnumerationConnectionMode Connection modes.
EnumerationDataNormalizationMethod Data normalization methods.
EnumerationDataSearchMode Field search modes.
EnumerationDimensionMarkerFit Dimension marker fit options.
EnumerationDimensionPartOptions Dimension part options.
EnumerationDimensionTextFit Dimension text fit options.
EnumerationDimensionTextOption Dimension text options.
EnumerationDirectionFormatOption Direction format options.
EnumerationDirectionType Direction type.
EnumerationDirectionUnits Direction units.
EnumerationDisplayCacheType Display cache types.
EnumerationDominantSizeAxis Specifies the dominant size axis types.
EnumerationDoubleFillScaleBarStyle A list of the styles available for a double file scale bar.
EnumerationElevationMode Specifies the types of elevation surfaces.
EnumerationEndPointPosition Enumerates which end a component is visible.
EnumerationEndPointSelection Represents the selection of endPoints.
EnumerationesriAnimationTransitionMode Define the type of algorithm used to calculate transitions between animation camera keyframes.
EnumerationesriBGLAntialiasingMode Antialiasing modes.
EnumerationesriBGLTextAAlias Text antialiasing.
EnumerationesriDatasetType Dataset type constants.
EnumerationesriDiagramDatasetFeatureClass Diagram feature class types.
EnumerationesriDirectionsOutputType Network directions output type.
EnumerationesriFeatureType Feature types.
EnumerationesriGeometryType The available kinds of geometry objects.
EnumerationesriImageFormat Image formats.
EnumerationesriJoinType Join types.
EnumerationesriNADateTimeSynchronizeUsage Date time synchonize usage types.
EnumerationesriNAImpedanceTransformationType Location-Allocation impedance transformation type
EnumerationesriNALocationAllocationProblemType Problem types for the Location-Allocation solver
EnumerationesriNAODCostMatrixType OD cost matrix type.
EnumerationesriNAOutputLineType Options for service area line results.
EnumerationesriNAOutputPolygonType Options for service area polygon results.
EnumerationesriNATimeOfDayUsage Time of day usage type.
EnumerationesriNATravelDirection Options for traveling to or from the facility.
EnumerationesriNetworkAttributeUnits Units of a network dataset attribute.
EnumerationesriNetworkForwardStarBacktrack Policy on when to return the from-edge in the network forward star adjacencies object.
EnumerationesriNumericAlignmentEnum Number format alignment options.
EnumerationesriRelCardinality Relationship Cardinality.
EnumerationesriRoundingOptionEnum Number format rounding options.
EnumerationesriSearchOrder Spatial Filter Search Order.
EnumerationesriSpatialRelEnum Queryable spatial relationships.
EnumerationesriTimeRelation Time relation types.
EnumerationesriTimeUnits Time units.
EnumerationesriTransformDirection Specifies whether to apply a forward or reverse (inverse) transformation.
EnumerationesriUnits Measurement units.
EnumerationExtentFitType Extent fit types.
EnumerationExtentIndicatorType Future implementation
EnumerationExternalColorMixMode Options to control how material combines with externally defined colors.
EnumerationExtremityPlacement Extremity placement options which specify at which ends of the line a marker will be placed.
EnumerationExtrusionType The types of extrusion.
EnumerationFaceCulling3D The types of face culling.
EnumerationFeatureCacheType Feature cache type options.
EnumerationFeaturesToLabel A list of types of features to label.
EnumerationFillMode Fill modes.
EnumerationFlowRepresentationType A list of flow representation types.
EnumerationFontEffects Font effects.
EnumerationFontEncoding Font encodings.
EnumerationFontType Font types.
EnumerationFractionOption Fraction options.
EnumerationGeometricEffectArrowType Geometric effect arrow types.
EnumerationGeometricEffectDonutMethod Geometric effect donut methods.
EnumerationGeometricEffectEnclosingPolygonMethod Geometric effect enclosing polygon methods.
EnumerationGeometricEffectExtensionOrigin Geometric effectthe extension origins. Specifies the origin of the extension to add to the line. The beginning and end of the line is defined by the direction the line was digitized.
EnumerationGeometricEffectOffsetMethod Geometric effect offset method which specifies the way the strokes or fills are displayed at corners.
EnumerationGeometricEffectOffsetOption Geometric effect offset options which specify the way the symbol handles complex geometries.
EnumerationGeometricEffectOffsetTangentMethod Geometric effect offset tangent methods which specify the origin of the tangent offset for the line. The beginning and end of the lines are defined by how the line was digitized.
EnumerationGeometricEffectWaveform Geometric effect offset waveforms.
EnumerationGlyphHinting Glyph hinting options.
EnumerationGradientAlignment Gradient alignment types.
EnumerationGradientFillMethod Describes the gradient fill method which is how the gradient is applied.
EnumerationGradientStrokeMethod The different methods of gradient strokes.
EnumerationGradientStrokeType Gradient stroke types.
EnumerationGridElementType The type of component of the grid.
EnumerationGridLineOrientation Represents the orientation of the grid line.
EnumerationHorizontalAlignment Horizontal alignment types.
EnumerationHtmlPopupStyle HTML popup styles.
EnumerationIlluminationSource Illumination source types.
EnumerationLabelExpressionEngine Label expression engine types.
EnumerationLabelFeatureType The label feature types.
EnumerationLASStretchAttribute LAS stretch attributes.
EnumerationLASStretchDrawingType LAS stretch drawing type.
EnumerationLASStretchStatsType LAS stretch statistic types.
EnumerationLASStretchType LAS stretch types.
EnumerationLeaderLineStyle The style of line to generate when a leader is drawn defined by an enumeration value. Line leaders will always be drawn with their own geometry.
EnumerationLeaderType A list of leader styles for extent indicators.
EnumerationLegendFittingStrategy A list of legend fitting strategies.
EnumerationLegendItemArrangement A list of legend item arrangement options.
EnumerationLighting3D The types of lighting.
EnumerationLineCapStyle The style of stroke ending caps.
EnumerationLineDashEnding Determines how the strokes with dash patterns and other patterns (tiled pictures, placement effects) are handled at the end points of the line geometry's segments.
EnumerationLineDecorationStyle Defines simple decorations for lines.
EnumerationLineGapType Specifies the type of line gap (line spacing) that is applied.
EnumerationLineJoinStyle Specifies how the symbol is drawn at the stroke segment connections.
EnumerationLocationConditionType Location condition types.
EnumerationLocatorType Type of locators.
EnumerationMapLayerType The types of map layers by use in the map or scene.
EnumerationMaplexAbbreviationType Maplex abbreviation types.
EnumerationMaplexAnchorPointType Maplex anchor point types.
EnumerationMaplexConnectionType Maplex connection types.
EnumerationMaplexConstrainOffset Maplex offset constraint types.
EnumerationMaplexContourAlignmentType Maplex contour alignment types.
EnumerationMaplexContourLadderType Maplex contour ladder types.
EnumerationMaplexGraticuleAlignmentType Maplex graticule alignment types.
EnumerationMaplexKeyNumberHorizontalAlignment Maplex key number group horizontal alignment types.
EnumerationMaplexKeyNumberResetType Identifies the options for reseting the key numbers in a Maplex key numbering group.
EnumerationMaplexLabelAnchorPoint Maplex label anchor point.
EnumerationMaplexLabelRotationType Maplex rotation types.
EnumerationMaplexLineFeatureType Maplex line feature types.
EnumerationMaplexLinePlacementMethod Maplex line placement methods.
EnumerationMaplexMultiPartOption Maplex multipart options
EnumerationMaplexOffsetAlongLineMethod Maplex offset along the line methods.
EnumerationMaplexPointPlacementMethod Maplex point placement methods.
EnumerationMaplexPolygonFeatureType Maplex polygon feature types.
EnumerationMaplexPolygonPlacementMethod Maplex polygon placement methods.
EnumerationMaplexQualityType Maplex quality types.
EnumerationMaplexRotationAlignmentType Maplex rotation alignment types.
EnumerationMaplexStackingAlignment Maplex stacking alignment.
EnumerationMaplexUnit Maplex units.
EnumerationMapType Types of maps.
EnumerationMapViewingMode The map viewing modes.
EnumerationMarkerPlacementType Marker placement types.
EnumerationMaterialMode Material modes.
EnumerationMosaicSubLayerType Types of mosaic sublayers.
EnumerationNorthType A list of north arrows types.
EnumerationNumericAlignment Numeric alignment types.
EnumerationOffsetCurveMethod Indicates the way the strokes will display at corners.
EnumerationOffsetCurveOption Indicates the way strokes will handle complex geometries.
EnumerationOrientation A list of orientation values.
EnumerationPageOrientation A list of page orientation values.
EnumerationPansharpeningType Types of pansharpening.
EnumerationPatchShape Patch shapes.
EnumerationPlacementClip Options for how the markers should be clipped at the polygon boundary.
EnumerationPlacementEndings Options for how markers are placed at control points.
EnumerationPlacementGridType Options for how markers are placed in a uniform grid or randomly.
EnumerationPlacementOnLineRelativeTo Options for the location on a line where a marker will be placed.
EnumerationPlacementPolygonCenterMethod Options for how a single marker will be placed within the polygon.
EnumerationPlacementRandomlyAlongLineRandomization Options for the amount of randomness to be used for the size and rotation of the markers on the line.
EnumerationPlacementStepPosition Options for the placement step position.
EnumerationPointCloudFieldTransformType Point cloud field transform types.
EnumerationPointCloudValueFilterMode Point cloud value filter modes.
EnumerationPointSymbolCalloutScale An enumeration that defines how the background point symbol is scaled to fit the dimensions of the text.
EnumerationPolarDirection Specifies the direction of the polar progression for the path from the beginning hue to the ending hue.
EnumerationPrimitiveType3D Indicates the types of 3D primitives.
EnumerationRasterFootprintDrawMode Raster footprint draw modes.
EnumerationRasterMosaicMethod Raster mosaic methods.
EnumerationRasterMosaicOperatorType Raster mosaic operator type.
EnumerationRasterResamplingType Raster resampling types.
EnumerationRasterStretchStatsType Raster stretch statistics types.
EnumerationRasterStretchType Raster stretch types.
EnumerationRectanglePosition A list of rectangle position values.
EnumerationRotationOrder Rotation order modes.
EnumerationRoundingOption Rounding options
EnumerationScaleBarFittingStrategy A list of scale bar fitting strategies.
EnumerationScaleBarFrequency Lists the options for the frequency marks appear on the scale bar.
EnumerationScaleBarLabelPosition Lists the options for scale bar label positions.
EnumerationScaleBarVerticalPosition A list of scale bar vertical positions.
EnumerationScaleDisplayFormat Scale display formats
EnumerationScaleFormatType Scale format types.
EnumerationServerType Server types.
EnumerationSimple3DLineStyle Simple 3D line styles which define how strokes will be rendered in 3D.
EnumerationSizeVariationMethod Size variation methods which define the order in which the change of size in the markers should occur.
EnumerationSizeVisualVariableAxis Size visual variable axis.
EnumerationSizeVisualVariableType Size visual variable type.
EnumerationSliderExtentType Slider extent types.
EnumerationSliderInteractionMode Slider interaction modes.
EnumerationSliderStepType Slider step types.
EnumerationSnapRequestType Snap request types.
EnumerationSnapXYToleranceUnit Snap XY tolerance units.
EnumerationSpeedUnitType Speed unit types.
EnumerationStandardFeatureWeight Standard label engine feature weights.
EnumerationStandardLabelRotationType Standard label engine label rotation types.
EnumerationStandardLabelWeight Standard label engine label weight.
EnumerationStandardNumLabelsOption Standard label engine number of labels options.
EnumerationStandardPointPlacementMethod Standard label engine point placement methods.
EnumerationStandardPolygonPlacementMethod Standard label engine polygon placement methods.
EnumerationStretchType Stretch types.
EnumerationSurfaceTINShadingMode Surface TIN shading modes.
EnumerationSymbolizationType Symbolization type.
EnumerationSymbolRotationType Symbol rotation types.
EnumerationSymbolShapes Symbol shapes.
EnumerationSymbolSubstitutionType Symbol substitution types.
EnumerationSymbolTileUnitType Symbol tile unit type.
EnumerationSymbolUnits Symbol unit types.
EnumerationTargetColorSurfaceType Target color surface type.
EnumerationTemporalFeatureClassCachingMode Temporal feature class caching modes.
EnumerationTemporalFeatureClassPurgeRule Temporal feature class purge rules.
EnumerationTerrainDrawCursorType Terrain draw cursor types.
EnumerationTextCase The letter case used to draw text.
EnumerationTextReadingDirection Text reading directions.
EnumerationTextureFilter Texture filter types.
EnumerationUnitType Lists the unit type values.
EnumerationValueRepresentations Represents value representations.
EnumerationVerticalAlignment Vertical alignment types.
EnumerationVerticalGlyphOrientation Vertical glyph orientation.
EnumerationVisualVariableInfoType Visual variable info types.
EnumerationWorkspaceFactory Workspace factory types.
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