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CIMBackgroundCallout Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by CIMBackgroundCallout.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorCIMBackgroundCallout Constructor  
Public Properties
Public PropertyAccentBarSymbol Gets and sets the symbol used to draw the accent bar. If null, the accent bar doesn't draw.  
Public PropertyBackgroundSymbol Gets and sets the symbol used to draw the background. If null, the background doesn't draw.  
Public PropertyGap Gets and sets the gap (in points) between the point symbol and the beginning of the leader line. (Inherited from ArcGIS.Core.CIM.CIMLineCallout)
Public PropertyLeaderLineSymbol Gets and sets the line symbol to draw leaders with. (Inherited from ArcGIS.Core.CIM.CIMLineCallout)
Public PropertyLeaderOffset Gets and sets the leader offset which is an offset value defining the distance (in points) between the anchor point and the beginning of the drawn leader. (Inherited from ArcGIS.Core.CIM.CIMCallout)
Public PropertyLeaderTolerance Gets and sets the leader tolerance which is the closest distance (in points) to the text the anchor point can be for the callout to draw. (Inherited from ArcGIS.Core.CIM.CIMCallout)
Public PropertyLineStyle Gets and sets the style of line to generate when a Point leader is drawn defined by an enumeration value. Line leaders will always be drawn with their own geometry. (Inherited from ArcGIS.Core.CIM.CIMLineCallout)
Public PropertyMargin Gets and sets the text margin defining the space around the text that is accounted for in background creation.  
Public Methods
Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)FromXml Reconstructs the CIMBackgroundCallout with a specified state from an XML encoding.  
Public MethodGetSchema Not implemented, reserved for future use. (Inherited from ArcGIS.Core.CIM.CIMObject)
Public MethodReadXml Reads the element inside the reader. (Inherited from ArcGIS.Core.CIM.CIMObject)
Public MethodToXmlOverridden.  Creates an XML encoding of the CIMBackgroundCallout and its current state.  
Public MethodWriteXml Writes the element inside the writer. (Inherited from ArcGIS.Core.CIM.CIMObject)
Protected Methods
Protected MethodRaisePropertyChanged Called from a property setter to notify the framework that an Object member has changed. (Inherited from ArcGIS.Core.CIM.CIMObject)
Protected MethodReadXmlElementOverridden.  Reads the child element inside the reader.  
Protected MethodWriteXmlElementsOverridden.  Writes a child element to the writer.  
Public Events
Public EventPropertyChanged Occurs when a property value changes. (Inherited from ArcGIS.Core.CIM.CIMObject)
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