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CIMBasicFeatureTemplate Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by CIMBasicFeatureTemplate.

Public Properties
Public PropertyDefaultValues Gets and sets the default values.  
Public PropertyDescription Gets and sets the description. (Inherited from ArcGIS.Core.CIM.CIMEditingTemplate)
Public PropertyHiddenFields Gets and sets the hidden fields.  
Public PropertyName Gets and sets the name. (Inherited from ArcGIS.Core.CIM.CIMEditingTemplate)
Public PropertyRelationships Gets and sets the template relationships.  
Public PropertyRequiredFields Gets and sets the required fields.  
Public PropertyTags Gets and sets the tags. (Inherited from ArcGIS.Core.CIM.CIMEditingTemplate)
Public PropertyToolFilter Gets and sets the tool filter. (Inherited from ArcGIS.Core.CIM.CIMEditingTemplate)
Public PropertyToolOptions Gets and sets the per-tool options. (Inherited from ArcGIS.Core.CIM.CIMEditingTemplate)
Public PropertyToolProgID Gets and sets the tool ProgID. (Inherited from ArcGIS.Core.CIM.CIMEditingTemplate)
Public Methods
Public MethodGetSchema Not implemented, reserved for future use. (Inherited from ArcGIS.Core.CIM.CIMObject)
Public MethodReadXml Reads the element inside the reader. (Inherited from ArcGIS.Core.CIM.CIMObject)
Public MethodToXml Creates an XML encoding of the CIMObject and its current state. (Inherited from ArcGIS.Core.CIM.CIMObject)
Public MethodWriteXml Writes the element inside the writer. (Inherited from ArcGIS.Core.CIM.CIMObject)
Protected Methods
Protected MethodRaisePropertyChanged Called from a property setter to notify the framework that an Object member has changed. (Inherited from ArcGIS.Core.CIM.CIMObject)
Protected MethodReadXmlElementOverridden.  Reads the child element inside the reader.  
Protected MethodWriteXmlElementsOverridden.  Writes a child element to the writer.  
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodReadTags Read the Tags from a CIMEditingTemplate.
Public Extension MethodWriteTags Write an array of tags to a CIMEditingTemplate.
Public Events
Public EventPropertyChanged Occurs when a property value changes. (Inherited from ArcGIS.Core.CIM.CIMObject)
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