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An overview of the Feature Class toolset

The Feature Class toolset provides a set of tools designed to perform basic feature class management.

A feature class is a collection of features with the same type of geometry: point, line, polygon, or annotation.

A feature class may be stored with other feature classes in a feature dataset in a geodatabase or as a stand-alone feature class in a geodatabase. A feature class can also be stored in a shapefile.


Create Feature Class

Creates an empty feature class in an enterprise or file geodatabase; in a folder, it creates a shapefile.

Create Unregistered Feature Class

This tool creates an empty feature class in a database or enterprise geodatabase. The feature class is not registered with the geodatabase.


Maintains the integrity of shared feature boundaries by making features coincident if they fall within the specified x,y tolerance. Features that fall within the specified x,y tolerance are considered identical or coincident.

Recalculate Feature Class Extent

This tool recalculates the XY, Z, and M extent property of a feature class based on the features within the feature class.

Tools in the Feature Class toolset

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