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An overview of the Workspace toolset

The Workspace toolset comprises a set of tools to create the data storage structures used by ArcGIS.


Clear Workspace Cache

Clears any enterprise geodatabase workspaces from the enterprise geodatabase workspace cache.

Create Database Connection

Creates a file that ArcGIS uses to connect to a database or enterprise geodatabase.

Create Feature Dataset

Creates a feature dataset in the output location—an existing enterprise or file geodatabase.

Create File GDB

Creates a file geodatabase in a folder.

Create Folder

Creates a folder in the specified location.

Create Spatial Type

Adds the ST_Geometry SQL type, subtypes, and functions to an Oracle or PostgreSQL database. This allows you to use the ST_Geometry SQL type to store geometries in a database that does not contain a geodatabase. You can also use this tool to upgrade the existing ST_Geometry type, subtypes, and functions in an Oracle or PostgreSQL database.

Create SQLite Database

Creates an ST_Geometry, a SpatiaLite, or a GeoPackage database.

Update Geodatabase Connection Properties To Branch

Updates an enterprise geodatabase connection to work with branch versioning.

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