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Delete Schema Geodatabase


The Delete Schema Geodatabasetool deletes a schema geodatabase from a master sde geodatabase in Oracle.


  • The Delete Schema Geodatabasetool only works with geodatabases in Oracle.

  • Only the owner of the schema geodatabase can run the Delete Schema Geodatabase tool.

  • You must remove all data from the user-schema geodatabase before you can delete the geodatabase.


DeleteSchemaGeodatabase_management (input_database)
ParameterExplanationData Type

Specify the database connection (.sde) file for the schema geodatabase you want to delete. You must connect as the schema owner.


Code sample

DeleteSchemaGeodatabase example 1 (Python window)

You can alter and run the following from a Python window to delete a user-schema geodatabase. This example connects through the database connection file land@ora11204.sde to delete a user-schema geodatabase.

import arcpy
schema_gdb = "usr/connections/land@ora11204.sde"
DeleteSchemaGeodatabase example 2 (stand-alone Python script)

The following is a stand-alone script you can alter and run to delete a user-schema geodatabase:

# Set the necessary product code
import arceditor

# Import arcpy module
import arcpy

# Local variables:
schema_gdb = "usr/connections/land@ora11204.sde"

# Process: Delete Schema Geodatabase


Licensing information

  • ArcGIS Desktop Basic: No
  • ArcGIS Desktop Standard: Yes
  • ArcGIS Desktop Advanced: Yes