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Enable Data Reviewer

Available with Data Reviewer license.


Adds a feature dataset and tables necessary for an existing geodatabase to be considered a Reviewer workspace and store Data Reviewer results. The Reviewer workspace tables are required by Data Reviewer to manage Reviewer sessions.


  • This tool adds the required dataset and tables for storing Reviewer results, if they do not already exist.

  • If this tool is run on an older version of a Reviewer workspace, the tables will be updated to the current schema.

  • A warning appears if this tool is run on a current version of the Reviewer workspace.

  • Versioned Reviewer workspaces created prior to ArcGIS Pro 2.1 will require a user with administrative privileges to reconcile and post the Reviewer session tables and compress the enterprise geodatabase before upgrading to the latest Reviewer schema.

  • This tool can be used in conjunction with the Create Reviewer Session tool to create a new session in the Reviewer workspace.

  • The spatial reference of the Reviewer workspace and the data being validated must match or Reviewer geometries cannot be stored in the Reviewer workspace.

  • If a configuration keyword is not selected for the config_keyword (Configuration Keyword) parameter, the Output CONFIG Keyword environment setting will be used as a configuration keyword. If the environment setting does not exist, DEFAULTS will be used as the configuration keyword.


EnableDataReviewer_Reviewer (workspace, {spatial_reference}, {register_as_versioned}, {config_keyword})
ParameterExplanationData Type

The geodatabase where the Data Reviewer tables and feature dataset will be created. This can be a desktop or enterprise geodatabase.


The geographic or projected coordinate system of the feature classes in the Reviewer workspace. The default is GCS_WGS_1984 if no value is specified.

Spatial Reference

Indicates whether the feature classes and tables added to the workspace will be registered as versioned. This only applies to enterprise databases.

  • NONVERSIONEDThe feature classes and tables will be not registered as versioned after they are added to the geodatabase. This is the default.
  • VERSIONEDThe feature classes and tables will be registered as versioned after they are added to the geodatabase.

The configuration keyword that determines the storage parameters of the database tables. This applies to file and enterprise geodatabases. The DEFAULTS keyword is used by default.


Code sample

EnableDataReviewer example (stand-alone script)

The following stand-alone script demonstrates the EnableDataReviewer tool.

# Name:
# Description: Adds the Reviewer workspace feature dataset and tables to
#   a new geodatabase and creates a Reviewer session
# Author: Esri
# Date: June 2014

# Import arcpy module
import arcpy

# Set environment

# Create new geodatabase
workspace = arcpy.CreateFileGDB_management("c:/data/","ReviewerWorkspace")

# Execute EnableDataReviewer

# Create a new Reviewer session
arcpy.CreateReviewerSession_Reviewer(workspace,"Session 1","#")

Licensing information

  • ArcGIS Desktop Basic: Requires Data Reviewer
  • ArcGIS Desktop Standard: Requires Data Reviewer
  • ArcGIS Desktop Advanced: Requires Data Reviewer

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