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Geocode Addresses


Geocodes a table of addresses. This process requires a table that stores the addresses you want to geocode and an address locator or a composite address locator. This tool matches the addresses against the locator and saves the result for each input record in a new point feature class.


Geocode a table of addresses


  • You may geocode addresses that are stored in a single field or are split into multiple fields. A single input field stores the complete address, for example, 303 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308. Multiple fields are supported if the input addresses are split into multiple fields such as Address, City, State, and ZIP for a general United States address.


    Only multiple fields are supported using locators created prior to ArcGIS version 10.

  • Only locators stored in a file folder can be used for geocoding with ArcGIS Pro.

  • The output feature class is saved in the same spatial reference as the address locator. Changing the spatial reference of the output feature class is possible by setting a different output coordinate system in the tool's environment settings.

  • The output feature class, by default, stores a copy of input address and additional information such as score, status, and matched address of each record. The addresses can be rematched using the Rematch Addresses tool or the Rematch Addresses option that opens the Rematch Addresses pane. Editing addresses in the input address table will not change the result in the output feature class once the matching process finishes and the feature class is created.

    Learn more about rematching geocoding results.

  • An ArcGIS Online for organizations subscription is required to match a table of addresses using the ArcGIS Online World geocoding service. See Use the ArcGIS Online World Geocoding Service for more information.


GeocodeAddresses_geocoding (in_table, address_locator, in_address_fields, out_feature_class, {out_relationship_type}, {country}, {location_type})
ParameterExplanationData Type

The table of addresses to geocode.

Table View

The address locator to use to geocode the table of addresses.

Address Locator
[input_address_field, table_field_name]

Each field mapping in this parameter is in the format input_address_field, table_field_name where input_address_field is the name of the input address field specified by the address locator, and table_field_name is the name of the corresponding field in the table of addresses you want to geocode.

You may specify one single input field that stores the complete address. Alternatively, you may also specify multiple fields if the input addresses are split into different fields such as Address, City, State, and ZIP for a general United States address.

If you choose not to map an optional input address field used by the address locator to a field in the input table of addresses, specify that there is no mapping by using <None> in place of a field name.

Field Info

The output geocoded feature class or shapefile.

Feature Class

This parameter has no effect in ArcGIS Pro. It remains to support backward compatibility with ArcGIS Desktop. In ArcGIS Pro, the only permissible value is STATIC.

  • STATICCreates a static copy of the fields input address table in the output feature class. This is the only permissible value.
  • DYNAMICThis option is not applicable in ArcGIS Pro. See ArcGIS Desktop help for this tool.

This parameter is available for locators that support a country parameter and will limit geocoding to the selected countries. Making a country selection will improve the accuracy of geocoding in most cases. If a field representing countries in the Input Table is mapped to the Country Input Address Field, the country value from the Input Table will override the Country parameter.

When no country is used, geocoding is performed against all supported countries.

It is not supported for composite locators.

Input should be specified as ISO 3166-1 3-character country codes.


This parameter is available for locators that support the locationType parameter. Specifies the preferred output geometry for PointAddress matches. The options for this parameter are a side of street location, which can be used for routing or the location that represents the rooftop or parcel centroid for the address. If the preferred location does not exist in the data, the default location will be returned instead. For geocode results with Addr_type=PointAddress, the X/Y attribute values describe the coordinates of the address along the street, while the DisplayX/DisplayY values describe the rooftop, or building centroid, coordinates. See the REST API web help for more details about the locationType parameter for reverseGeocode.

This parameter is not supported for all locators.

This parameter is not supported for composite locators.

  • ADDRESS_LOCATIONReturns geometry for geocode results that could represent an address location such as rooftop location, parcel centroid, or front door.
  • ROUTING_LOCATIONReturns geometry for geocode results that represents a location close to the side of the street, which can be used for vehicle routing. This is the default option.

Code sample

GeocodeAddresses example (Python window)

The following Python window script demonstrates how to use the GeocodeAddress function to geocode a table of addresses.

# Import system modules
import arcpy

arcpy.env.workspace = "C:\ArcTutor\Geocoding\atlanta"

# Set local variables:
address_table = "customers.dbf"
address_locator = "Atlanta_AddressLocator"
address_fields = "Street Address;City City;State State;ZIP Zip"
geocode_result = "geocode_result.shp"

arcpy.GeocodeAddresses_geocoding(address_table, address_locator, address_fields, 
                                 geocode_result, 'STATIC')

Licensing information

  • ArcGIS Desktop Basic: Limited
  • ArcGIS Desktop Standard: Yes
  • ArcGIS Desktop Advanced: Yes

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