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Duplicate Vertex

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The Duplicate Vertex check finds vertices in polyline or polygon features that are within a specified tolerance of one another.


Duplicate vertices are created in a variety of ways, including digitizing errors, using data at a smaller scale than that for which it was collected, and loading data from a database with one precision to another. For example, you may have vertices on a line or polygon that are either colocated or very close to one another. If the tolerance specified in the check is small enough, one of the vertices will be returned as an error result.

When configured as a constraint rule, an error notification is returned when a feature that contains one or more segments with vertices that are within the specified tolerance is created or modified.

Industry scenarios

In aviation, for airport data integrity, a single polygon should not overlap itself or contain duplicate vertices or nodes (except the start and end nodes, which must be coincident).


Parameter Required DescriptionWorkflow



The subtype that the rule will be applied to if the dataset has subtypes.

Attribute rules



The allowable space between two vertices.

Type a value in the Tolerance text box and click the Tolerance drop-down arrow to choose a unit of measure.

Attribute rules



The editing events that trigger the rule to take effect.

  • Insert—Triggers the rule when a new feature is added.
  • Update—Triggers the rule when a feature is updated.
  • Delete—Triggers the rule when a feature is deleted.

Attribute rules



A unique title or name for the rule.

This information is used to support data quality requirement traceability, automated reporting, and corrective workflows.

Attribute rules



Descriptive text of the error condition when noncompliant features are found.

This information is used to provide guidance to facilitate corrective workflows.

Attribute rules



Tag property of the rule.

This information is used in rule authoring and management workflows to support traceability and reporting of data quality requirements.

Attribute rules


  • Polyline and polygon features are supported with this check.
  • A vertex is considered a duplicate when it's within the specified horizontal distance of an adjacent vertex.
  • For multipart features, each part is evaluated independently when determining if a vertex is a duplicate.
  • The Tolerance parameter value must be equal to or greater than a feature's x,y tolerance. For more information, see Tolerance.

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