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Identify errors on existing features

Visual review is a semi-automated review method commonly used for validating features in your map. This process involves manually reviewing data to assess its quality in ways that automated review methods cannot or were not designed to accomplish. This involves a general inspection of the data and may also include comparing the data against another data source (such as aerial photography).

With the Browse Features tool, you can review the features selected in your map and commit error results for features that fail visual review.

  1. In the Catalog pane, open the map that contains features that require visual review.
  2. On the Edit tab, click Manage Quality Qualität verwalten to activate the Manage Quality tab.
  3. Select the features for review using your preferred method; for example, you can select features interactively or by using other methods such as select by attributes or select by location. For more information, see Select features interactively.
  4. On the Manage Quality tab, in the Results group, click Symbolize Symbolisieren to enable the display of feature results and sampling results in your active map.
  5. On the Manage Quality tab, in the Semi-Automated Review group, click Browse Features Features durchsuchen.

    The Browse Features pane opens and lists the features selected in the active map.

    Browse Features pane
  6. Click the Next Feature Nächstes Feature or Previous Feature Vorheriges Feature button to navigate through the set of selected features and assess each feature's geometry and attribution.

    For multipart features, click the Next Part Nächstes Teilelement or Previous Part Vorheriges Teilelement button to pan to each of the feature's parts.

  7. Navigate through the selected features until you find a condition that requires you to commit it as an error result. For more information, see Results and life cycle phases.
  8. In the Result Details section, select the Error Type that best describes the error.

    If you choose Custom, the Description, Notes and Severity properties can be edited to capture unique values.

  9. Optionally, update the failed feature's Notes and Severity properties.
  10. Click Commit to write the feature as an error result.

    You can commit several failed features as errors by selecting multiple items in the selection list or commit all features selected in the layer by selecting the layer name.


    If other features are selected in the map, click Refresh to clear the cache in the Browse Features pane and to display the new set of selected features.

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