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Import an ArcMap document with surround elements

Mit der Defense Mapping-Lizenz verfügbar.

Mit der Production Mapping-Lizenz verfügbar.

Supported surround elements from ArcMap documents can be imported to ArcGIS Pro. Your ArcMap surround elements will be replaced by ArcGIS Pro elements on import.

The following surround elements can be imported ArcGIS Pro 2.4 or later.

The following elements are not supported for import starting at ArcGIS Pro 2.4.

  • TLM Conversion Graph
  • JOG Elevation Tints
  • JOG GeoRef Diagram
  • Guide To Numbered Features
  • Streets Index
  • Graphic Table Element

Use the following steps to import an ArcMap document that contains surround elements.

  1. Inspect the ArcMap document you want to import and do any of the following:
    • Delete unsupported surround elements that are not in use in the ArcMap document.

      For more information about deleting elements, see Deleting an element from the Layout window.

    • Convert unsupported ArcMap elements to graphics.

      Right-click the unsupported element in your layout and choose Convert To Graphics.

  2. Import an ArcMap document.

    Your ArcMap elements will be replaced by ArcGIS Pro elements on import.


    Unsupported surround elements will create an import error and prevent your MXD from being imported.