FME Workbench color codes

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FME Workbench uses color to indicate the status of your transformers and connectors.


Transformers display three possible color states on the Properties button. The button is located on the upper right corner of every transformer.

Color codeDescription

The same color as the transformer with an ellipsis (…)

You can use the transformer with its existing parameters.

Yellow with an ellipsis (…)

The transformer contains default settings, but you have not yet accepted them. You can use the transformer in this state, but your workspace may produce unexpected results.

  • Click the Properties button, examine the value, edit the value if necessary, and click OK.

Red with an exclamation point (!)

One of the mandatory fields is blank.

  • You must enter a valid value before running the translation.

FME transformer color codes


Connectors display three possible color states at each endpoint.

Color codeDescription

Green input arrow

The connection is set.

Red input arrow

The port has no input. This is not an error. A port with no input can be intentional and a valid design. However, it is good practice to verify red arrows to avoid unexpected errors when running the translation.

  • If this is a feature port, no features are entering the connection.
  • If this is an attribute port, no values have been set.

Yellow output arrow

The port will not generate output when running the translation.

FME connector color codes

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