Feature and information associations

Mit der ArcGIS Maritime-Lizenz verfügbar.

With the Association Manager tool, you can create, edit, and delete associations in your S-101 data. The Association Manager tool is on the Maritime S-101 tab.

An association is a logical relationship between two or more feature types that specifies connections among their instances. You need write access to the active workspace to create, append, or remove associations. You do not need write access to view existing associations in the active workspace.

For more information regarding the types of associations, and what is allowed, refer to the S-101 ENC Product Feature Catalogue.


Before creating features, user and agency identification must be defined in the EditingProperties table, and the display scale must be set on the Maritime S-101 tab.

Information association

An information association binds at least one instance of a geographic feature to an instance of an information type.

Feature association

A feature association is a relationship that links instances of one feature type with instances of others.