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An overview of the Multidimensional Analysis toolset

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The tools in the Multidimensional Analysis toolset allow you to perform analysis on scientific data across multiple variables and dimensions.

Multidimensional data represents data captured at multiple times, depths, and heights. This type of data is commonly used in atmospheric, oceanographic, and earth sciences. In ArcGIS Pro, you can manage, visualize, and analyze multidimensional raster data in multiple formats including netCDF, HDF, GRIB, the multidimensional mosaic dataset, and Esri's Cloud Raster Format (CRF).

The following table lists the multidimensional analysis tools and provides a brief description of each.


Aggregate Multidimensional Raster

Generiert ein multidimensionales CRF-Raster-Dataset durch Aggregieren vorhandener multidimensionaler Dataset-Variablen entlang einer Dimension.

Generate Multidimensional Anomaly

Berechnet die Abweichung für jeden Ausschnitt in einem multidimensionalen Raster, um ein multidimensionales Dataset zu generieren.

List of tools in the Multidimensional Analysts toolset

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