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An overview of the Location Referencing toolbox

ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing is a data management application suite that provides an integrated framework for maintaining pipeline data with linear referencing systems. The Location Referencing toolbox provides essential tools for regenerating routes, managing calibration points and events, and executing quality control checks.

Tool nameDescription

Append Events

Appends event records from a table, layer, or feature class into an existing ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing event feature class.

Append Routes

Appends routes from an input polyline into an LRS Network.

Apply Event Behaviors

Updates the event locations for all event feature classes registered with the input network based on the route edit performed.

Delete Routes

Deletes routes and associated data elements from the LRS Network.

Derive Event Measures

Populates and updates the Derived RouteID and measure values on point and line events with those fields configured and enabled.

Generate Events

Re-creates shapes for event features registered with an LRS Network. If the event has derived network route and measure fields configured, the tool will update those fields when executed.

Generate Routes

Re-creates shapes and applies calibration changes for route features in an LRS Network.

Overlay Events

Overlays one or more linear event feature layers against a target network and outputs a feature class or table that represents the dynamic segmentation of the inputs.

Translate Event Measures

Translates the measures (m-values) of events from one LRM (Linear Referencing Method) to another. The output is a new feature class.

Tools in the Location Referencing toolbox.



The Configuration toolset contains tools that allow you to create and modify an LRS, LRS networks, and LRS events.

Toolset in the Location Referencing toolbox.

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