Prj File properties


The Describe function returns the following properties for Prj Files.

A Prj File returns a dataType of "PrjFile".


PropertyExplanationData Type
(Read Only)

The SpatialReference class instance of the .prj file


Code sample

Prj File properties example (stand-alone script)

The following stand-alone script displays some SpatialReference class properties for a prj file.

import arcpy

# Create a Describe Object from a prj file.
desc = arcpy.Describe("C:\data\mexico.prj")

# Print some properties of the SpatialReference class object.
SR = desc.spatialReference
print("Name:            " +
print("Type:            " + SR.type)
print("isHighPrecision: " + str(SR.isHighPrecision))
print("scaleFactor:     " + str(SR.scaleFactor))